Zephyr Deluxe Shouldn’t Have English Written On Her

Doctor: Zephyr Deluxe, as presented at the recent Devstream, breaks the Warframe setting with English text. I’m asking for a small and simple change to Zephyr Deluxe: Change the text of their textures to better fit the legend.

Warframe has spent years creating a living, breathing world, including developing unique languages for each race we see in the game. For example: The Orokin and Tenno use their own language, Grignier uses his own language, the Corps uses its own language, and various colonies like the Ostrones and Solaris use their own language.

It is interesting to note that none of them use English. The player can play the game in English, but only so that you, the player, can understand what is happening. Think of it as an accessibility interpreter. However, when a player looks at Tenno’s creations, such as warframes or relays, all the text is written by Orokin. It’s about creating an exciting world where you imagine yourself in a future where humanity has developed in the past through the use of the English language.

So far.


When I first saw the concept illustration of the Zephyr Deluxe at Tennocon, I thought the text on it would never become the final model, or break the player’s immersion in the game. I guess I was wrong.

Deluxe skins should not be a license to violate installation rules. So far, every deluxe skin has more or less looked like it belongs in the Warframe universe, even if they were inspired by media outside of it. If the developers want to make a Jet Set Radio/Gundam skin, that’s fine! Like, happy, even! But it must be consistent with the universe in which it lives. I have other issues with the skin, but changing the text in the Orokin script should be easy and only involve a texture change so as not to affect the player’s immersion. Moreover, the use of a corpus script would be thematically appropriate. There’s no plain English text, which makes no sense if no one living in the Warframe universe remembers or knows anything about the pre-Rockin era. The proto-nuclear weapon skins in Devstream 97 were eliminated for violating this rule, so why should this be any different?

Another example: Warframes with text have always used the Orokin script, since that is the language spoken by Tenno. Excalibur wrote about this to Hayden Tenno in Orokin, and it was a major source of legendary speculation in the early days. Necros and Vauban carry Evolution and the Tribe on their shoulders respectively. Even cosmetics like Izwara Sandana are labelled in Orokin, so apparently cosmetics used to follow this rule.

I know a lot of people don’t care or don’t seem to care, but as a player of this game for 7 years, the story and setting of the game have played a big part in my enjoyment. I paired them with Codex items as the game progressed, and played the first few quests that contained clues to the big reveal in the second dream. So I have a lot invested in the world of this game. I’ve also seen other games neglect their art direction and add more and more inappropriate cosmetics (*cough* TF2 *cough*), and I don’t want Warframe to suffer the same fate.

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Post Zephyr Deluxe should not have been written in English for the Warframe game.


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