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The code was largely provided by NeoBird.

Two-dimensional wheel updating

I’m always amazed at how developers manage to take the concept of a 2D platform game and come up with new ideas to give the genre something entertaining and fresh. Who needs 3D? This brings us to another first impression article, in which we were kind enough to catch a glimpse of the upcoming World Splitter build.

These are not your typical soft fuzzies.

Captain Root

You play as a rabbit (we’ll just call him Captain Root). He looks a bit like Bucky O’Hara, but with a gas mask (if you’re old, you’ll understand this reference). After a disastrous landing on a strange planet, strange furry creatures have stolen parts of your ship. Captain Root must bring them back by collecting the creatures and perhaps… eat them for dinner? I don’t know, the build preview kind of emphasizes the story at this point, but the main feature here is a unique twist on the 2D platformer.

Two Worlds

Two Worlds

Each level of World Splitter has two different layouts, one above the other. In addition to moving and jumping, Captain Roots also has control of the line or gap. As you move along this line, you’ll see various platforms, hazards, and vague monsters that you must collect. Captain Root can easily move between the two planes through the gap, but can only communicate with the plane he is in.

The key is to master the use of the line and put the captain in the right place to access platforms and higher ground at the right time. There are also levels with levers to pull and enemies to dodge. The difficulty level is quite low, making this game perfect for those looking for a casual gaming experience. For most of the levels I played, there seemed to be many ways to solve the levels simply by experimenting with the mechanics. Using the line is a fun mechanic, and I hope you can control it on the Switch with the touch controls. But I guess we’ll see.

There is also a strange enemy to dodge.

Beautiful colours and sounds

The game is presented in a colorful paper graphic style. Each of the worlds has a different color palette, and some attention has been paid to environmental details. In one world you see the breeze blowing carefree, in another you see bubbles rising from pools of colored water. There is something very therapeutic about scanning a line and looking at the different layouts of each layer. It is like day and night, except that the sky in this world is often a different color. As you unravel the levels, play a nice relaxing score to take the slight stress out of the game.

Be careful not to accidentally crush Captain Root.

More to be expected

The preview I attended only scratched the surface of this title. Right now it’s a fun, casual experience, perfect for those who want to scratch the platforming puzzle itch. The final version offers over 10 hours of gameplay, including 60 levels in 6 worlds. Moreover, the game will also include cooperative missions for 2 players, for which this game seems to be very suitable.

Fuzzy can be hidden in any place.

World Splitter will be released later this year on all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.


How do you load…

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