Why Won’t The Volume Work On My Roku Remote In 2022

Why Won’t The Volume Work On My Roku Remote [2023]

Why Won’t The Volume Work On My Roku Remote In 2022

If you’ve ever tried to use your Roku remote and found that the volume wouldn’t work, you’re not alone. A lot of people have this problem and this question, “Why Won’t The Volume Work On My Roku Remote” but fortunately, it’s easy to fix.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why the volume might not be working on your Roku remote and how you can fix it. Keep reading for more information.

One of the most common reasons why the volume might not work on your Roku remote is because the batteries are dead. If your batteries are low or expired, this could prevent the remote from functioning properly. Try replacing the batteries and see if that solves the issue.

Another possibility is that the remote itself is broken. If you’ve tried replacing the batteries and the problem persists, then it’s possible that the remote is damaged and needs to be replaced

Because of its ability to let you enjoy features from a smart TV on a non-smart TV, Roku has gained a lot of traction over the past few years. The thumb drive-like device can be used to cast media, stream media online, browse the internet, and many more.

Things You Can Try: Why Won’t The Volume Work On My Roku Remote

Why Won't The Volume Work On My Roku Remote

Try changing the remote codes that you have added if the volume is not working. If this doesn’t work, you should re-run the remote setup and check the compatibility of the devices you are connected to.

Re-Run “Setup Remote For TV Control”

There is a chance that the update has changed the settings of your device if you have received a Roku stick with the update. This issue can be solved if the setup for the remote is changed in the control settings. You have to follow these steps to run the setup again.

  • Turn on the Roku device.
  • From the main home page, go to Settings.
  • Select “Remotes & Devices”.
  • Click on “Remotes”.
  • Go to “Gaming Remote”.
  • Select “Set Up Remote for TV Control”.

The setup process can take a bit of time. If you hear the music, it will ask you if you like it. You will be asked to increase and decrease the volume of sound playing by the system.

Re – Pair The Remote

Why Won't The Volume Work On My Roku Remote

Unpairing and re-pairing the device are possible if this method does not work for you.

Follow these steps if you want to unpair the remote.

The buttons for Home, Back, and Pairing are held at the same time. The indicator will blink three times if you keep pressing. This will cause the remote to be unpaired. 

You can confirm it by pressing a few control buttons. It is not going to do anything. To re-pair, the Roku remote with the device follow these steps.

  • Turn off the Roku device.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Turn on the Roku device.
  • When the homepage appears, replace the batteries in the remote.
  • Press the pairing button.
  • Keep pressing until the LED light starts blinking.

Use Different Setup Codes

There are different sets of remote codes for different TV models. To program the enhanced remote to the correct code during the setup process, the player narrows down the list to the possible codes on your TV brand.

The code that is selected by the system is only programmed to control volume and power, but not both. If you use a different code for the TV brand, you can solve this issue.

To try additional remote codes for your enhanced Roku remote, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings on the main home page and select remotes and devices. Click on “Remotes” and then click on “Set Up Remote for TV Control”. The setup process can take a few minutes. 
  • If you don’t hear the music, then it’s time to ask. The player will ask you if the music stopped playing after this.
  • Instead of answering the question, turn the volume up until the music starts playing again. 
  • If you want to answer the question, do so with ‘No’. The next remote code is where the player will go. 
  • When you are asked about the music stops, this time. You can answer with a ‘Yes‘.

This will allow you to program your remote with the new code. Once you land on a code that contains commands to control both volume and power buttons, you will have to repeat the process a couple of times.

Ensure That The Devices You Connect to Roku Support HDMI and Audio

Why Won't The Volume Work On My Roku Remote

Some TV models are not supported by the system because they are not compatible with the vast range of compatible devices. To use features such as 4K Ultra HD or HDR on a compatible television, you have to connect your Roku player to a compatible television.

If your Roku device supports your TV, but the remote is still not working, you can connect it to your TV using a High-Speed HDMI Cable or a Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable.

The High-Speed HDMI Cable works well for TVs that support 720p and1080p resolution, while the Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable is used for TVs with 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range compatibility.

Moreover, ensure that the Roku device is not touching the TV or any other electronic device.

FAQ – Why Won’t The Volume Work On My Roku Remote

Why is my Roku not playing volume?

On your television, check the mute and volume options. Ensure that the volume is adjusted to a sufficiently loud level and that the mute function is disabled. Consult your TV manufacturer’s documentation if you need assistance. Make sure the audio connections are securely fastened at both ends if you’re using a composite cable.

How do I restore the loudness on Roku?

Check to see whether the menu volume isn’t turned off if the sound is only missing from the Roku menu. Menu volume can be found under Settings > Audio. You may need to troubleshoot why your Roku TV won’t turn on if you cannot hear a sound or see a picture.


In conclusion, we hope you liked this article on “Why Won’t The Volume Work On My Roku Remote“. While it is not an exhaustive look at the Roku remote or all of its features, we wanted to provide a basic overview and some troubleshooting tips in case you are experiencing problems with your remote.

And be sure to check back soon for more content about the latest and greatest in streaming technology!

Thanks for reading!

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