Will Streaming Save Sports or Kill It?

Together, sports and TV have prospered. If streaming and sports are able to replicate their largely successful cooperation, it will determine how our future entertainment will be.

Sports like the National Football League and the National Basketball Association's games from television to streaming services on the internet.

For many years, sports leagues have accepted large sums of money from TV networks like ESPN  in the United States and Britain in exchange for being the only place where fans could watch games.

Sports are now wealthy and have a significant cultural and entertainment impact thanks to TV money. Sports broadcasting gave TV wealth and influence.

This newsletter examines three issues that might arise if tech businesses adopted the strategy of traditional television and increased their online sports broadcasting.

The apparent response is that since many people love sports, businesses need to draw customers to their video streaming services.

The linked question is whether major tech firms will think it makes sense to pay sports leagues absurd sums of money, as traditional TV has done.

Although streaming is fantastic in many respects, it might not be financially successful enough to support the sports industrial complex.