Will Sensex Hit 72,000 In 2022? Here's What Dalal Street Analysts Predict

The market rewarded largecap investors handsomely in 2021 despite substantial gains in 2020, despite severe foreign equities outflows in the last three months eating into the final total.
Street is generally optimistic about 2022 returns, with some brokerages estimating a Sensex objective as high as 72,000.
A comparable Nifty target of 21,000 as concerns over rich valuations have somewhat subsided. The bullish targets indicate that the market indices could rise by 23–26% in Calendar 2022.
The average targets for the two important indices were 65,293 and 19,300, respectively, from 13 brokerages that took part in the ETMarkets.com year-end poll up until the deadline.
"Markets may offer 10–12% returns in 2022, but it would be foolish to anticipate that they will rise as quickly as they did in 2020 and 2021.
Now that the easy part of creating money is over, picking the right stocks will be what creates alpha.
Therefore, it would be best to play 2022 from the bottom up, according to Yesha Shah, Head of Equity Research at Samco Securities.
He claimed that because the US Fed is concentrating on managing CPI inflation, US Treasury yields are likely to increase, which would cause FII holdings in India to decline.