Microsoft: What Makes Its Collaboration With Roku 'So Important'

In May, Roku announced a collaboration with Microsoft to use search data, as part of which the firm will match its own first-party data on OneView, its streaming advertising platform.

Microsoft conducted extensive TV attribution study over a number of years and discovered that TV is the most common source of brand or product information for internet consumers.

According to a Global Web Index survey, 6 out of 10 online shoppers watch TV for up to 4 hours per day on average.

the spokesperson wrote. In order to better understand user search behaviour patterns before and after an ad airs, "we got interested and reviewed TV records within minutes of an ad running."

The amount of data that came in was pretty high, but it was at the query level, by the minute, and dependent on the time the advertisement was shown.

The spokesman added, "What we discovered is that, for merchants running TV commercials, search is often the net that gathers the freshly developed consumer interest." 

Users who watch a retailer's television advertisement retain both a general understanding of the brand and a thorough understanding of the content they watched.

According to Microsoft, the two businesses will look into ways to monitor across channels, which previously has prevented marketers from "really" performing cross-channel planning and execution.