US news anchor suffers ‘beginnings of a stroke’ live on air

Live on air, Oklahoma news journalist Julie Chin began to stumble and struggle with her speech. She later experienced a stroke after being taken to the hospital in a hurry.

As she clarified, the stroke that struck an American television news anchor during a live broadcast initially appeared to be a routine slip-up.

Julie Chin of Tusla NBC station KJRH in Oklahoma suddenly began having trouble speaking on air while covering NASA's postponed Artemis-I launch.

Chin may be seen faltering and having difficulty reading her lines off the teleprompter in a popular video that NBCUniversal executive Mike Sington posted on Twitter.

Despite this, Chin promptly handled the issue and gave control to the meteorological crew.

I'm sorry; I have a problem this morning and I apologise to everyone. Let's just send it on to Annie Brown, meteorologist," she added, hastily handing the broadcast to the weather forecaster.

The anchor had actually experienced "the beginnings of a stroke" while she was on air, according to Sington's tweet.

"She threw it to the meteorologist because she sensed something was wrong while her alarmed coworkers dialled 911.