Ukrainian Students Find Refuge at US Colleges

Numerous American universities are offering aid to Ukrainian students who want to study in the United States for their undergraduate degrees.

According to a recent study involving 559 institutions, at least 120 colleges help Ukrainian students in some way.

The report was created by the nonprofit Institute of International Education (IIE).

The help includes more application time and a relaxation of some official document submission criteria.

Additionally, American universities have boosted the availability of financial help and opportunities for Ukrainian students.

Ukrainian students can now enrol in the $20 million programme that the University of Chicago has developed.

Texas A&M also offers financial aid for living and tuition expenses. Up to 100 war-affected students were asked by Hampton University in Virginia to attend classes there for free over the summer.

Some students have begun to arrive at American colleges as the war in Ukraine reaches its sixth month. International students might find a "safe haven" in American higher education, according to Jason Czyz, co-president of IIE.