The Roku Channel Canada August 2022 Updates

There is a tonne of brand-new programming available on The Roku Channel this month, including horror, romance, and real crime. Just choose what to watch first, that's all.

Both streaming sticks and smart televisions come pre-loaded with the Roku streaming platform. A few examples of streaming apps.

As Joelle and Mikel clean up the remnants of the past and transform these properties from horrific to wonderful, the locations of gruesome crimes are refurbished and recreated.

In this Roku Original animation, Kevin Hart gets meta while recalling experiences from his life.

A skilled chemist played by Samuel Jackson believes he is in position to make a fortune on a once-in-a-lifetime drug deal.

This English drama, which is based on an Ian McEwan novel, stars James McAvoy and Keira Knightley.

This mystery individual has Ryan Gosling portraying him as a competent Hollywood stuntman by day and a criminal getaway driver by night.

Friendly but uninteresting Doug Glatt is an outcast among his intelligent family, but the Massachusetts bouncer's knockout blow wins him a position.