‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ zeroes in on June and Serena as its end comes into view

It would seem that "The Handmaid's Tale" is returning at a fortunate moment given the recent Roe v.

Margaret Atwood's dystopian worldview has gained attention thanks to Wade.

However, the storyline of this fifth season is inappropriate for the time because it is nearly entirely centred around the animosity between June and Serena.

Serena (Yvonne Strahovski), Commander Waterford's widow and collaborator in Gilead's crimes, was affected by the horrific, cathartic death of Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes), which June (Elisabeth Moss) engineered at the end of the fourth season.

Serena is not without political savvy, though, even in a patriarchal environment.

Thus, even with the characters separated, the season takes on the feel of a protracted clash of titans, providing magnificent showcases for Moss and Strahovski as well as a lengthy reflection on the price of motherhood.

The movie "Handmaid's Tale" frequently delivers harsh or disturbing moments, with Moss once again playing many roles as star, producer, and even director.

In contrast, the most recent season (based on seeing eight of its ten episodes) feels even worse about including chapters that serve as filler and at most advance the plot a little bit.