The Drew Barrymore Show is all about "optimism TV"

The third season of "The Drew Barrymore Show" has begun, but on this particular day, the main character was, like many of us, having a difficult time.

She was racing into her chair while fumbling with an annoying earring.

She addressed Lisa Petrillo of CBS4 with an out-of-breath "Hi Lisa," asking how she was doing.

She seemed a little frazzled as she continued, "This is how I am.

I loathe individuals that fake it and say HI! I'm simply fine! I'm incapable of phoney and BS. If this is the mood or mode, I'm in, then so be it.

"I'm not good at BS and false. If this is the mode or the mood, I'm in. If you're like sprinting with your hair on fire, that's ok with me.

The audience during the day is intended to get knowledge and inspiration.

In her most recent True Crimes episode, the actual crime had a happy conclusion.