The Age of A24 TV Is Upon Us

Although it isn't quite the same cultural power as its older film brother, A24's television business is making progress.

The film company's small-screen subsidiary released Ramy on Hulu and Euphoria on HBO in the middle of 2019 after five years of quiet expansion and moderate triumphs.

With a half-dozen additional projects scheduled to debut on significant streamers and networks over the coming few months.

Contrary to many businesses of similar scale, A24 has traditionally refrained from discussing its development plans or overarching strategy in the open.

A24's television M.O., according to TV executives who have worked with the firm or are familiar with its ideology

One seasoned executive who has worked with A24 on both film and television productions.

He claims that the studio has "cracked the code for how to connect with young people" in the film industry, and that its television production has generally achieved the same.

A24 Television, helmed by longstanding A24 partner Ravi Nandan, primarily produced stand-up specials and comedies in its first five years.