Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 2 Preview: New Orleans Saints

In a matchup of unbeaten teams hoping to seize early control of the NFC South, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints will square off in New Orleans.

Like Tampa, the Saints also defeated Atlanta by a score of 1-point comeback, but their triumph was far more impressive.

They fought back from a 16-point deficit at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but let's be honest—given Atlanta's superior talent—they never should have been down.

Some observers were undoubtedly stunned by the highly regarded Saints defense's 26 points and 420 total yards allowed.

However, the Saints always appear to be prepared for Tampa Bay, regardless of the circumstances.

In this intra-divisional rivalry, the Saints have won the previous 7 meetings in a row. The most recent game we had with them Actually, Tampa Bay was completely shut out.

Our offensive game plan will probably be focused on establishing the run, short to medium passes, and perhaps deep shots where we keep our running backs behind Brady to block due to injuries along our offensive line and their demonstrated ability to pass rush.

We are aware that this is not the most thrilling game in the world, but these players generate a lot of pressure and exploit it to force mistakes, so we must play shrewdly given the weakness of our offensive line.