Streaming Platforms Go Aggressive On Marketing Big International Shows

Foreign video streaming providers are stepping up their marketing efforts for international originals in this market, just like Hollywood studios do for the movies they release in India.

The Russo brothers, known for their work on the Avengers movies, organised an India premiere for The Gray Man for Netflix, while Chris Pratt and Sidharth Malhotra interacted on The Terminal List for Prime Video.

Today, these platforms' traditional media penetration through print and outdoor is complemented by in-cinema advertising, Bollywood star campaigns, brand collaborations, and partnerships with retailers.

"The strategy has changed over time as we have gotten better at calculating ROIs.

Amit Dhanuka, executive vice-president of Lionsgate, said, "In year one, for example, we would never have thought of doing print because our programming was primarily in English.

But today, with a strong Indian original content line-up, we are bullish on trying out mass-market advertising channels like print, TV, and outdoor.

Regarding the promotion of foreign originals, Netflix declined to comment, and neither Prime Video nor Disney+ Hotstar offered a response.

International originals, particularly flagship series and significant star-driven films, are unquestionably heavily promoted in India.