Roku Os 11 Update: What Can Your Roku Device Do Now?

A new version of Roku's operating system is currently being rolled out to all Roku devices worldwide.

Over the next few weeks, Roku OS 11 will roll out to your device, bringing some awesome new capabilities.

The most recent update for Roku streaming devices introduces Roku Photo Streams, a new feature that makes it simple to share and see your favourite photographs, along with a few critical improvements.

Now, talk may be dynamically identified and amplified in Roku's audio devices.

A user can make a customised screensaver using their own photographs using Photo Streams.

The Live TV section now features the most recent in local and national news, sports, movies, and other media.

For Roku's soundbars and speakers, there are new sound settings for Standard, Dialogue, Movie, Music, and Night.

The Roku mobile app has received a new calibration feature. It can be used to check that the audio and video on your player or Steambar are in sync.