A new Roku update is coming with a big upgrade for watching movies

A software upgrade from the firm should enable users of Roku devices to get far more use out of their devices.

With the Roku OS 11 firmware update, users will have access to additional photo sharing options, automatic speech recognition, new sound modes, and much more.

In terms of the OS update's photo-related features, customers will be able to upload images directly to their devices from a phone or computer.

Additionally, after you share the photostream, other users can contribute their own pictures.

When will this update be released? Roku stated on March 22 that the company's devices would begin receiving Roku OS 11 "over the next weeks."

A word now on the several features that are part of this release. To help customers find more material, Roku is enhancing its home screen menu by including a "What to Watch" option.

This will highlight fresh TV series and films from the streaming platforms that users engage with the most.

According to Gidon Katz, senior vice president for product & experience at Roku, "we are laser-focused on personalising the streaming and visual experience to meet our users' specific preferences."