Minecraft teams up with the BBC for climate change-themed Frozen Planet 2 DLC

The following adventure map in Minecraft is intended to be both amusing and educational. To include content about climate change to the game, Mojang has partnered with BBC Earth.

The same-named DLC for BBC Earth's Frozen Planet II is intended to assist children in understanding the ideas of climate change.

The statement claims that if you've ever started a new game of Minecraft and spawned in the middle of an ice plains biome, you'll be familiar with the challenges of trying to live.

Similar battles will be depicted in this DLC from the viewpoint of many animals.

Between today and October 18 there will be five weekly instalments of the Frozen Planet II adventures. You get to control various animals in each of the parts, starting with polar bears, killer whales, and Lapland bumblebees.

The journey of each animal will demonstrate its unique manner of living. As a polar bear, you'll have to keep an eye out for your pups as you navigate ice floes.

The official trailer for the game is shown below. Future episodes are expected to feature walruses, eagles, leopards, and eagles.

The DLC will also include additional areas including "snow-covered woods, frozen summits, and enormous continents of ice."