Mike Recap:
A Different Sort of Ring

The strategy behind this Mike Tyson miniseries is to cover a lot of territory in a short amount of time, but to do so in distinct half-hour chunks.

That perspective is grounded in Tyson's theatrical performance in Indiana, during which he vowed to convey the whole truth about his life, just like everything else in Mike.

Naturally, despite the fact that Tyson's narrator reliability has already been proved, the show favours his narrative of his year spent with Givens.

However, Tyson's willingness to admit to some of his life's transgressions does not necessarily imply that he is speaking the whole truth regarding the transgressions that truly matter.

It's one thing for him to shrug to the camera and admit to robbing Cus's assistant after vehemently denying it.

Tonight, the focus is on Tyson's tragic marriage to actor Robin Givens.

Tyson is upfront about the fact that he was a "pig" with women. He claims that ladies "only want the money" in an interview with Wide World of Sports since his heavyweight belt, the prize money, and the Pay-Per-View that come along with it have fast made him a multimillionaire.

He says, "I wish I could meet a female who merely knew me as a decent guy when I was broke. I think I've cheated on every partner I've ever had.