Microsoft Teams is adding one of the worst things about phone calls

You could be in luck if you've ever found yourself impatiently waiting to join a Microsoft Teams call and wondered what could possibly make the situation worse.

Users who are unlucky enough to have their call moved will now be able to listen to hold music, according to the video conferencing service.

The business stated in a new entry(opens in new tab) on the Microsoft 365 roadmap that music "may be played" to people on hold when a call transfer is initiated, replacing the silence space that is now in place as you wait to be connected.

The specific music that will be played while people are on hold is not yet known; it may be elevator-style muzak, some soothing summer jazz, or even specially designed options that enable you play any tune you like.

Users won't have to wait too long to "enjoy" the new addition because the feature is expected to become generally available in September 2022.

Microsoft Teams has just added a feature as part of its ongoing effort to make the platform easier to use and more beneficial for users.

Microsoft recently stated that customers would be able to select live captions in any language they desire.

Microsoft Teams customers will be able to choose live captions in the language of their choice when initiating and setting up a call, assisting them in better understanding other participants.