Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 26

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A new moon in Libra on Sunday night prompts you to consider how your relationships may have recently become unbalanced: Give more than you receive in return, or vice versa?

Have your pals helped and looked out for you in ways that you haven't returned the favour? Although no relationship is ever perfect, you can still improve your own. Make a strategy to make things right under this moon.

Later on Thursday night, Venus enters Libra, strengthening your efforts to achieve social peace during the Libra season. Not keeping score will allow you to accurately balance your emotional books.

Instead, attempt to have a broad perspective on who is appreciated and who is excluded, who receives more attention and who receives less attention.

It is only feasible to fix a problem once you are aware of it. You merely need to put in the effort for cooperation and mutual caring to be sustainable.

You believe that reflecting on your history is, at best, pointless and, at worst, self-indulgent. Focusing on the present moment rather than dwelling on chapters that have ended is more beneficial (and intriguing).

Generally speaking, you benefit from having this mentality, but occasionally it's impossible to resist the pull of the past. If you take it this week, don't be hard on yourself.

You'll appreciate the worth of reflecting on earlier parts of your life, have empathy for the person you were when you were younger,