James Brolin, 82, Shares His Secret to Staying Youthful: Working Out in the Water

James Brolin, 82, praises weighted water training, according to surfer Laird Hamilton, for keeping him in fantastic shape.

Brolin initially contemplated quitting the workout. But he had faith that Laird would help him carry out the novel aquatic strategy.

The Lightyear star was happy with the improvement both inside and out after a few sessions.

To remove excess toxins from his body after exercises, Brolin also practises detoxification treatments.

However, Brolin also maintains a nutritious diet, making exercise simply one component of the feel-good equation.

Brolin says, "I have a sauna at home. I try for at least 40 minutes, three times a week." "All the poisons rise to the top and are eliminated."

One of his preferred ones? The father of three says, "Greek salad or Mediterranean salad with a handful of cheese on it."

We could consume an entire loaf of sourdough bread, and all she has to say is, "Well, you deserve it," Brolin chuckles. And I'll just consume the entire bread.