Is Dunkin open on Labor Day 2022?

American runs on Dunkin. Of course, some of us don’t but for those who do, it’s always good to know when the store’s open.

While originally known as Dunkin Donuts, the company has really transformed within the last few years.

While most of us remember going there just for donuts or coffee, the menu has expanded vastly.

Now, you can get a donut or coffee along with iced teas, lattes, or even sandwiches.

No matter what you’re in the mood for though, Dunkin has you covered. That’s why it’s obvious that some of us want to know if Dunkin is open on Labor Day.

Fortunately, the chain will be operating during regular business hours on Labor Day, so you won't have to go without your coffee or doughnuts.

Given that it is Monday, this is not at all surprising. If anything, it would be more unexpected if it was shut.

Regardless, since many of us view Labor Day as the beginning of fall, it is the ideal moment to make a choice and purchase a treat.