God of War Ragnarok File Size is Massive

Updated information on the official God of War PS4 download page reveals that the game's file size is substantial, albeit that was to be expected.

According to a recently updated God of War Ragnarok PS4 download page, the game's file size on the console's latest generation is 90.6 GBs.

The key word here is "seems," as this is probably going to change a little before the game launches.

It's still intriguing considering GoW Ragnarok is twice as large as its predecessor, which was roughly 45 GBs in 2018.

After all, God of War Ragnarok is going to be a huge game. In addition to concluding Kratos' Norse Saga, gamers will also be visiting new regions, facing off against formidable bosses, and engaging in other activities.

Although some context is missing, this serves as a decent starting point for understanding how much space fans will need to save.

It's important to note first that this solely refers to the PS4 file size. Given that many PS5 games are smaller than their PS4 equivalents, God of War Ragnarok's PS5 file size may vary, although it is unknown whether and to what degree.

However, this still serves as a useful point of reference. Second, even though this information was updated, there is a chance that something will change with just under two months to go.