Directv Stream Creates Personalized Hub For Teams, Live Sports

By making it simpler for users to search for material related to particular teams, DirecTV Stream is bolstering its sports streaming capabilities.

The service launched the "My Teams carousel" last week, a customised hub that enables users to keep track of the sports teams they choose to follow.

They can then set up a recorder for a certain team and access a dedicated home page with all of a team's current and upcoming games in one location.

Pages showing team matchups have also been added to DirectTV Stream.

The pages will show the results and standings of live games and offer details about upcoming matchups between the teams.

On DirecTV Stream devices, including the Osprey set top box, these user improvements are now accessible.

Roku, Apple TV, Amazon's Fire TV, and other smart TV platforms will get the capabilities first via DirecTV Stream.

Other businesses are starting their own direct-to-consumer sports streaming platforms while streamers look for distribution deals.