Did A 50-foot, Prehistoric Shark Return

Is it feasible that the megalodon, a huge ancient shark, would reappear after 3 million years? For a few moments, Atlantic Shark Institute researchers believed the same thing.

The institute published a scanner image that startled them during a recent research trip in an Instagram post.

"Based on the length of the photograph, we calculated the "Meg" to be roughly 50 feet long and 40 tonnes!" wrote the post.

The researchers cast their hooks into the water in the hopes of catching a bite, but the morphology of the fish altered.

According to the institution, it was a school of mackerel that lingered for almost 15 minutes.

The crew watched the scanner as the shape showed its full form, which was regrettably not an ancient marine monster.

"We waited for one of the rods to go off, but much to our sorrow, the form started to change into a big school of atlantic mackeral that lingered about the boat for approximately 15 minutes," the article said.

"It's so close, yet it's so distant!" The Megalodon (Otodus megalodon) vanished more than 3 million years ago and is likely to go forever, but for a brief moment, we thought he had returned!"