Caracat Luxurious Camper Extends RV Life From Land To Open Waters

Only 25% of our planet's surface, which is over 70% covered in water, is suitable for wheels-equipped vehicles. If you live in an RV, your travel options are constrained in comparison to what the planet has to offer.

But when you can do it in the same motorhome, why stop at a far-off campsite? That is the concept behind the German company Schneider Caravaning's mobile catamaran, the Caracat 860.

It redefines what adventure means by joining the fleet of small boats and camper trucks already in existence.

The Caracat allows you to camp both on land and in water because it is an electric boat and trailer combined. There are three sizes starting at 6.6 metres.

On land, the Caracat requires a tow vehicle (pictures show a Mercedes-Benz G-Class), but on water, an 8–15 horsepower Torqeedo electric or gasoline-powered motor allows it to move independently.

A stronger electric motor or diesel engine can be added as an upgrade. Batteries with chargers provide onboard power, but a Tomatech 200 Watt solar panel can increase battery life.

The starting price for the smallest model of the Caravan, according to New Atlas, is €130,000 (about $129,400 at the current currency rates).

With that much money, you can buy a luxurious interior with teak flooring and leather and Alcantara trim. a bathroom and toilet, a kitchen, and sofa beds are all included in the floor plan.