Brian Cox Hints Fourth Season Of Succession 'May Be Last'

In the popular HBO series that follows his children's attempts to inherit his corporate empire, the seasoned Scottish actor portrays the misanthropic media magnate Logan Roy.

Despite the fact that the show has received a lot of praise in previous years, Cox hinted in an interview with The Times that it is unclear whether the actors would return for the fifth season of episodes.

Logan has gained notoriety during the length of the show for his brutal treatment of his children and subordinates as well as his merciless and immoral approach to business.

Regarding Succession's future, he remarked, "I don't know." Who knows how long it will go; no one has had their contracts renewed. We don't want it to run too long, like (the Showtime series) Billions; that's past its sell-by date. That won't happen with our programme.

However, Cox, who was up in a low-income family in Scotland, can relate to the character because of the comparable upbringing that gave rise to his brutality.

The 76-year-old said, "I get him. He's a terrible b**tard, but I understand him.

I empathise with Logan since he is a self-made guy; "I wish I had more Logan in me. The narrative is truly King Lear, but Logan inherited nothing."

The Rob Roy actor said, "He's given up on mankind, except he still loves his kids," in reference to Logan's terrible treatment of his kids.