Battle to liberate occupied Luhansk leaves proxy leaders worried; top official urges vote on joining Russia

In an endeavour to free the Russian-occupied city of Luhansk in the eastern Donbas region, Ukraine is continuing its counteroffensive.

One of the two pro-Russian self-declared "republics" is based in Luhansk, and local leaders are urging hurried referendums on joining Russia.

In other headlines, the United Kingdom declared that it would match or go over the level of military aid given to Ukraine this year in 2023.

According to a pre-released statement by the government, Britain's Prime Minister Liz Truss is anticipated to declare.

this week during a trip to the United Nations in New York that leaders "must put an end to Putin's economic blackmail by reducing any dependency on Russia."

Russian troops attacked a nuclear power facility in Ukraine's southern Mykolaiv area on Monday,

but despite building damage, the reactors are still operating normally, according to Ukrainian state energy officials.

U.S. Army Gen. Mark Milley stated from Poland that the conflict "isn't going too well" for Russia, adding that this could make Moscow's reactions less assured and that U.S.