Apple Changed the New iPhone Battery Icon in iOS 16.1 to What Everyone Wanted

In response to several online complaints, the battery symbol has been updated in the most recent developer beta of iOS 16.1.

Before Apple eliminated the functionality with the introduction of the iPhone X, the iPhone displayed

the remaining battery percentage in the status bar, which was accessible from wherever on your phone.

This provided a convenient way to quickly peek at your power level.

The cause? At the time, Apple had to make room in the smaller notch for the numerous sensors.

Many people missed the battery symbol, so Apple returned it with the release of iOS 16, which you can download right now,

but with a new look. I, along with many others, welcome the return of the battery indication, but some people are disappointed,

in part because iOS 16 will still not bring them the battery symbol on their phone. Others felt Apple could have done more to make the symbol useful and were disappointed.