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Rising to the stars and taking over the universe doesn’t happen overnight. In Stellaris, it takes dedication, forward-thinking initiative and strong skills to tackle a complex realm that stretches into the unknown. Although you’ll need multiple generations of your people to collect the stars, you can use mods to add some more creativity to your extended strategy adventures. The Stellaris fashion community has been alive and well for many years. We’ve found some of the best options to make your journey through the game a little different.


Selected worlds

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For those who want to give planets a special focus, there is the Dedicated Worlds mod made by LastLeviathan. You can choose from nine different options for the unique focus of your worlds. You can devote one location entirely to farming and feeding the empire, while another colony provides the lucrative trade in minerals and ores you need to fuel your fleet and increase your cash flow. This guarantees that each site functions optimally and that no one misses anything.

Additional ship components

Modern additional ship parts add many new armor, shields and weapons that you can equip to make your ships even more deadly. These weapons are capable of destroying your enemies, making it much easier to control other empires on your borders. You’ll spend a bit more time customizing your ships to create unique constructs that allow you to have multiple ships in your fleet.

Specialised country: Colonial empires

The inhabitants of your kingdom will want to expand at some point. With the homeland: In colonial empires, colonies have the opportunity to develop and separate themselves from the empire. These renegade colonies may appear because the citizens want to explore the stars, because they are dissatisfied with the rulers, because the renegade A.I. is evolving, or because there may even be a slave revolt. There are 10 types of rogue colonies that can evolve, and once they break, you have the chance to embody them to see if you can succeed in the greater galaxy.

Glass Mod

If you can’t stand a certain planet anymore, it’s time to ditch it. An efficient way to do this is the Glassing Mod developed by Flood Popcorn. Instead of sending ground troops to conquer a planet, you can gas it after a successful bombardment from orbit or bomb it with atomic bombs. This is an effective way to take out an enemy planet without spending resources to conquer it. But every choice has consequences.

Space combat improvement

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Want your space battles to look a little better when you zoom in? Modern Improved Space Battles, developed by Ankain, offers you much improved graphics and additional gameplay options to face your new enemy. The goal of this mod was to make the game more enjoyable for the players, from the middle to the end. Instead of watching a barrage of missiles swirl through the air, you can watch as your well-trained soldiers fend off all enemy attempts to thwart the greatness of your empire.

No trusses

The tragic beginning of any Stellaris game usually comes when you realize how many other empires have also started on your side. These realms can make you expand into one part of the galaxy, cutting you off from the rest of the galaxy. If you’re not careful, they won’t let you expand at all, so you’ll have to settle for limited space or go to war. The No Mass Start system ensures that every realm in the galaxy being played does not have this problem, and that they are all well apart.

Global diversity

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If you’re tired of searching for the same planet over and over again, it’s time to try something new. Created by Lex Peregrine, Gatekeeper and Markey612, Planetary Diversity Modern contains many unique worlds where your colonists can establish a colony to start something new. It retains the same essentials as the original, such as wet, dry or cold, but adds 11 different options for each category instead of the three you find in the basic Stellaris game. Your empire even has the ability to discover rare species that have useful bonuses for colonizing one of these regions.

SW: Fallen Empire

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What would a sci-fi space strategy game be without the introduction of lightsabers? Special Forces: The Fallen Empire mod, created by several authors, allows you to play as one of your favorite Star Wars canon factions and try to take over the galaxy. Even the galaxy resembles that of Star Wars, with iconic locations like Tatooine, Coruscant, Corriban and more. You can choose to start in the right places, with the right dimensions and intermediate images, or you can have everyone start in their own place, with absolutely nothing but a planet to their name. There are new ship designs, characters, specific Star Wars locations and events, relics, new civilians and much more. This is a huge revamp of the original game, and a treat for any returning Stellaris player.


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Stellaris has so much information that sometimes you have to dig through the menus for a second or two to find the details you’re looking for. Those who expand their empire to multiple planets may face this problem, as they must manage multiple governments and fleets of different sizes patrolling their galaxy. With the UI review module created by Maple, Orion and Tyrus, you can see much more information on the screen in 1080p without having to scroll.

What is this technical version (WDTTU)

This mod is a handy reminder for any technology you want to explore in the game. Instead of looking in the process tree to see what the process map unlocks, a tooltip appears and shows you all the information in a simple drop-down menu about what the map does. This mod is called What Does This Tech Unlock, uploaded by tcmdan, and it should be useful even for the most experienced Stellaris players.

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