Rise of Kingdoms – How To Get Gems

Gemstones were a priceless medium of exchange in the time of kings.

You can use them to buy various items to speed up your progress and become stronger.

You can buy teleporters, upgrade VIPs, acquire new commanders, buy items and much more.

Also check out our guide on how best to spend your gems in Rise of Kingdoms to maximize their value.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get premium currency in the game – through in-game quests or, of course, by buying it directly.

You can get gems in Rise of Kingdoms by upgrading your town hall, participating in events, upgrading forts and barbarians, completing quests, linking your Facebook account, completing daily tasks, mining gems, being part of a whale alliance, being the first to occupy an objective, and by buying directly.

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Update city hall

When your town hall reaches a certain level, you are rewarded with a pile of gems.

You can see the exact levels where the reward for upgrading your Town Hall contains gems in our Town Hall guide.

The number of gems you receive depends on the level of your town hall.

There are also special assignments and missions to improve the town hall that yield gems.

You can collect these gems in the Quests tab and under Epoch Breakthrough via the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Participation in events

The events during the Renaissance of the Realms are mundane – note.

With many of them, you get gems as a reward for your participation.

The developers will also send you gems via email after a maintenance update or system shutdown, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Here are some examples of events:

  • Tiles and bricks
  • Overwhelming power
  • academic elite
  • Arch of Osiris
  • Strategic reserves
  • Bootcamp
  • Daily login: You will receive 500 jewels on the first day of this event.

The events calendar under the icon in the top right corner of the screen contains a list of all the current events that you can participate in.

Forts and Barbarians

You can get up to 10 gems by killing barbarians and destroying their fortresses.

It may not be much, but in the long run it adds up.

Always look for the highest level of barbarians that you can defeat with ease.

As you continue to kill barbarians, you will also gain a wealth of knowledge to enhance your skills as a commander.

Some civilizations are better at agriculture than others.

To learn more, check out our best Civilization guide in Rise of Kingdoms.

Complete quests

Some side missions in Rise of Kingdoms give gems as rewards.

As a beginner, you will be rewarded with more gems when you complete quests, such as B. modernization of the town hall.

The quests of the main story can also reward you with many gems.

When an upgrade opens a new era, you receive additional gems.

You also get new assignments every day in the Black Forest.

Each mission will earn you a different reward, some of which contain gems.

Make sure you complete all the missions and the gems will slowly accumulate.

Complete the missions as fast as you can get the gems faster.

Connect your Facebook account and follow social media.

You will not receive explicit information about how to connect your Rise of Kingdoms account to Facebook and the rewards that come with it when you play the game.

It is worth mentioning that you will be rewarded with 200 gems once you link your account to Facebook.

Linking these two sites is also a security option.

Your account will still be restored and you can also switch to Android or iOS if you wish.

To link the two accounts:

  • Click on the top left corner of the screen, where your profile picture is.
  • Click on the settings.
  • Click on the Facebook icon.

Sometimes you come across an event like ours on Facebook.

You can also get 200 extra gems by following Rise of Kingdoms on their Social Media Communities tab via the icon in the top right corner.

If you like this page, you will be rewarded with extra gems.

Meet daily targets

Among other valuable rewards, you will receive 100 gems when you finally reach the last chest in the Daily Goals tab.

Just collect 100 activity points to unlock the last chest of the daily quest that contains these 100 gems.


After playing for a while, you will unlock the jewelry research in the academy.

Once you start studying gems, you can mine gems anywhere on the map.

Gemstones may be rare, but they are free, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of them.

It will take you 20 minutes to completely collect all 10 gems.

Whale Alliance

Keith is the term used for a player who spends a lot of money in the game.

A whale alliance is an alliance with a few players who spend a lot of money in the game.

It’s not easy to get in.

But you get gems every time someone buys a chest when you enter one.

First session of the target

If your alliance achieves the first occupation of an objective in your realm, you will receive numerous rewards, including gems.

Therefore, we recommend that you take an active role in the KVK and help your alliance when they are trying to get a job to achieve a new goal.

Buying gems with money

The last way to get gems into the game is to buy them directly with money.

There are many different packages that you can buy that will give you gems.

New packages are often released when new updates or events are released.

Learn how to get the gems in Rise of Kings here!

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