Resolved: Search Results in the Mail App Disappear when Clicked

Recently, a perplexing bug started appearing in iOS devices running the latest version of iOS. If you open the Mail app and search for a contact or email, the search results will disappear when you click on them. This prevents you from accessing the mail you tried to find, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

With iOS 6, Apple added the ability to search your email in the iOS Mail app. This is a nice convenience feature that allows you to quickly find a specific email or message. The problem is that this search feature can be very unreliable. Sometimes it works just fine, but other times the search results just disappear whenever you try to click on one. The issue is related to the new iPhone 5 but can also happen on older iPhones. Here is how to fix it.

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Microsoft has made some significant improvements to the Mail app built into Windows 10. But even in the improved version, some users report that they cannot receive emails or that search results in the email application disappear when they click on them.

It can be a big problem if an email application does not show search results when you click on it. Therefore, we have worked out a few solutions that we hope will be sufficient to solve the problem of search results disappearing in an email application when clicked.

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting, check whether restarting the system and the router can solve the problem. Sometimes the problem can be solved by rebooting the system. So let’s start with our manual.

Make the search results in Mail disappear when you click the mouse button

Search results in the Mail application may disappear as you type if the Windows system or Mail application on your system has not been updated to the latest version. The problem occurs when a user enters a search in the Mail app and the Mail app displays the search results, but once the user clicks on the search result, the search results disappear one by one (sometimes the Mail app closes itself).

Before proceeding with the solutions to fix the email app in Windows 10, check if restarting the system and router solves the problem. Some users have reported that using the Escape key, Ctrl key, or up/down arrow keys after viewing search results prevents emails from disappearing.

Troubleshooting Search results in the Mail application disappear when you press.

May 2021 update:

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Update Windows and the Windows 10 e-mail application to the latest version

Microsoft releases regular updates to keep up with ever-changing technology and to fix bugs that are discovered. Updating the system and email application to the latest version may solve the problem.

  1. First, go to the settings menu and manually update Windows to the latest version.
  2. Then check whether the problem is solved or not.
  3. If not, press the Windows key and search for Mail.
  4. Now click on Mail in the search results and select Unblock.
  5. Then check if there is an update available for the Mail application.
  6. If there is an update available for the Mail application, update it and restart the computer to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Change mailbox synchronization settings

The search result may be due to a communication problem between your system and the mail server. In this case, change the mailbox synchronization settings that allow you to download email to your device. Follow the steps below to change the mailbox synchronization settings.

  1. First, press the Windows key and type Mail on your keyboard. Then select Mail from the results.
  2. Then select the problematic account and click Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Then click on Manage Accounts in the settings menu and select your account.
  4. You now need to change the mailbox sync settings and in the drop down menu change the Download emails from to Anytime option.
  5. Then click Finish and restart the computer.
  6. After restarting the computer, check whether the problem is solved or not.
  7. If the problem persists, try using your web browser to access your email provider’s website instead of the Mail application.

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frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when an email disappears?

You are on an email thread with a bunch of people you work with, and the thread is getting out of hand. You have said your piece, and you are done; but as you look at the thread, you notice that you have been BCC’d on the latest email. You click on it to see what it says to the whole group, and suddenly the email has disappeared. Maybe you’re saving room on your inbox, maybe you didn’t like the way the email was worded, or you thought it was spam. Whatever the reason, it is gone, and you can’t see it. So what does it mean when an email disappears? Well it very much depends on the situation, and it seems that not everyone is aware of this. For example, in the case of disappearing Gmail emails, this is actually something they do on purpose. To put it simply, you can actually add an email to your trash in Gmail and it will stay there until you choose to delete it.

Why are my emails disappearing after I read them?

If you’re not using a web-based email client, your messages are residing in your email provider’s server, and you can access them any time you want. But if you are using a web-based email client, your messages are being stored in the cloud. This means that they’re not on your computer—they’re up in the internet cloud. When you click on an email in Gmail, it downloads the message to your computer. However, that doesn’t mean you have access to the message forever—it only exists on your computer for as long as you’re using your computer. There are a million little things that can cause your email client to lose track of your messages—and I’ve had all of them happen to me at one time or another. While there may be some server-side issue, the most common cause is that you’re mislabeling the messages you’re looking for in your inbox. In the case of your disappearing messages, you can usually tell because you know you haven’t deleted anything.

How do I fix the Mail app in Windows 10?

Windows 10’s Mail app is a bit like Microsoft Outlook: It tries to be everything to everyone, but it ends up being a jack of all trades, and a master of none. If you want to find a single email, you need to pull up the search bar. If you want to have conversations with other users, you got to Outlook (or Hotmail, or, or If you want to make sure that all your email is automatically archived, you need to use IMAP—which is not supported by the Mail app, which can be frustrating. If you use an Exchange account, you can’t use the Mail app at all, because it doesn’t support Exchange. Microsoft has been overhauling the Windows 10 user interface—and the apps that come along with it—since the very first insider builds. While some of the new features are unquestionably useful, others are just plain confusing. Take the app formerly known as Mail and now known as Windows Mail. It’s simpler than the original Windows 8 app, but it’s also missing some key features that many users have come to rely on.

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