Repairing an iPhone: What Are My Options?

The iPhone is one of the most popular technological devices in history. Almost half of all smartphone owners have an iPhone. In fact, Apple sold more than 15 million iPhones in the U.S. in a fiscal quarter.

Although iPhone ownership is widespread, broken screens and other defects are also common. The demand for repairs is so great that iPhone repair shops are sprouting up all over the country. Americans spend more than $3 billion each year to fix the screens on their smartphones.

Read on to find out what your options are for iPhone repair. Learn more about topics like iPhone screen repair and other tips for troubleshooting your device.

Take your phone to the Apple Store.

One way to fix your iPhone is to take it to an Apple Store. There are also Apple authorized service providers who can perform repairs.

This is a great option because you will be using trained Apple employees. They are experienced in repairing screens and other hardware and software problems.

Apple related repairs are performed with the best parts. You can rest assured that your device will retain its build quality after the repair.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using the Apple Store is the warranty terms. Bringing your iPhone directly to Apple will ensure that your warranty remains valid. You run the risk of voiding the warranty if you take your phone elsewhere.

Use of independent repair shops

The demand for iPhone repairs is so great that Apple can’t handle it alone. Without additional repair shops, there would be long queues and unnecessary delays to get your iPhone repaired. Instead, you now see iPhone repair shops in the mall and other shopping centers.

These repair shops are often not affiliated with Apple. This means that if you use them, you risk voiding your warranty.

This does not mean that the workshop staff is not qualified. Their staff is technically savvy and has years of experience repairing smartphones.

Using a detached garage has its advantages. For starters, it’s a great way to save money. To divert attention from Apple, these repair shops lure customers with lower prices.

Convenience is another benefit of these repair shops. We’ve all been to the Apple Store at one time or another. It’s usually a melee, with dozens if not hundreds of people in it.

Using a detached garage is a completely different experience. It will be a quiet and discreet experience.

The repair shop is less busy because there are no customers looking for tablets and computers. Instead, you can leave the device and come back when it’s ready.

View your iPhone recovery options

There are pros and cons to both iPhone repair options. Using the Apple Retail Store or an affiliated service provider will keep your warranty intact. They also guarantee the use of quality parts.

However, using an independent repair shop is likely to be more cost effective. These shops are staffed by experienced professionals and operate in a more relaxed environment. If you enjoyed this article on iPhone repair, visit our blog for more great content.

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