Pirate Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Pirate Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Avast, my hearties! It’s time to get on board and drop anchor!

Let’s go for another trip into the salty depths!

What better place for a pirate theme than a remote tropical island?

You can turn your own piece of paradise into a cidog dream with custom game pieces and designs that prove you’re no landlord.

And these exciting pirate projects for new horizons will thrill your bars!


15. Pirate Private Beach

Cariseline Image Source

If you need a place to hide your loot, your secret beach is the perfect hiding place for all your treasures.

You don’t have to redesign your island to celebrate the seven seas.

Instead, make a little pirate bunker to hide in when you’re cranky.

Models dressed in your finest adventure attire provide the perfect backdrop.

If you’re lucky, Gulliwarr will bring you a headband, pirate dress or other costume. But don’t expect to complete your collection anytime soon.

As we know, our dormant gull friend often gets lost between visits to our shores.

14. Marine research

Image source: @peonycrosser / @spotlighthorizon.

Take a pirate out of the sea, and all that’s left is a grumpy guy with a sloppy beard and a big hat.

Instead, set up an exploration where you can hear the pounding waves and twittering seagulls that looters need when they’re on land.

It’s the little details that turn an ordinary wardrobe into the perfect cabin.

Use candles instead of lamps, paper crumbs scattered on the floor (pirates are not known for their cleanliness!), and a scale model of their ship in a bottle.

13. Black market of the Buccaneers

Image source actualTofu

Redd, a local art dealer, is not known for checking his finds before selling them for full price.

The private black market on which he docks his boat makes it easier for him to get all the exotic art materials he can get his hands on.

So with this black market model, you can quickly and easily make your island a little more pirate-like.

Especially if you don’t know where to start with your pirate theme.

I just need some things to stack on the beach, like Redd’s bags of contraband.

My favorite part is the Wanted panel.

Redd seems like exactly the kind of shady character who would steal his own bounty poster and hang it up proudly where he commits his nefarious deeds.

12. Pirate research

image source Alfredo

Since Animal Crossing doesn’t have the option of living on a barge: New Horizons (r, at least not yet), you can make an indoor version of your captain’s quarters.

Stock up on your favorite treasures collected during your trip!

Use Gullivarr’s pirate items to brighten up the place, for example. B. the pirate wall.

It has large windows that give the illusion of a ship at sea with a clear blue sky shimmering above.

You can also give out prizes on the Fishing Trip theme, such as B. the fish picture and the anchor figurine.

11. Hey! Input

Image source: Prisoner

Welcome your island with a themed entrance that creates an atmosphere of adventure.

Replacing evergreens with palms is a great way to add a tropical touch to your space, even aside from the sandy areas on your island.

This way, you can keep the pirate theme consistent even after you leave the coast.

The rickety wooden bridge and massive stone heads make you feel like you’re in a pirate-themed park.

At the same time, the vessels decorated with skulls and crossbows remind us that pirates are serious.

10. Milk station

Photo source Dr. Dolatan

Your island may not be inhabited by pirates, but you’ll be ready for them when they sail your waters.

In this case, all you need is a nice little trading post where they can get the supplies and you can check their goods.

This creative player even built a ledger into the building so that local office staff could record transactions.

Display some of your favorite classics, like the yellow globe or skull fossils, for an authentic representation of the madness you expect from Ocean Raiders.

9. Open tavern

Image source: HappyItalian

Sea predators prefer open air and warm sunlight.

So tempt them with an open-air pirate tavern that serves up the best grog this side of the South Seas for a pittance.

Be sure to use plenty of barrels to represent beer kegs and candles for the nights when your pirate friends won’t stop spinning yarn with their compatriots.

My favorite part of this design is that it is built on a terraformed layer that keeps it isolated from the rest of the island.

Despite their good hearts, even the nicest pirates like to keep their illegal escapades to themselves.

8. Box drawers

image source by Bluebear255

The treasure chest is already an item you can get in Gullivar. But you can make it even more realistic by using custom tiles that look like coins scattered across crowded assets.

Use a tile pattern (like this one) that doesn’t overlap the tiles already in place.

You want it to look realistic, so all your villagers know you’ve been looting.

With enough treasure chests, you can create a small horde of unconquered goods, which you can then turn into a bank vault when you’re ready to go from pirate to private creditor for your islanders.

7. Safety of marine organisms

Image source by Kemiskasan

If you want to keep the pirates at bay instead of inviting them in, arm your dock with sea creatures to defend your home from those wily devils.

This designer has placed a slightly smaller version of the mighty Kraken in one tank, and what I can only imagine are terrifying flesh-eating piranhas in another.

These ocean watchers are well trained to catch even the saltiest seal.

Or, if the aquatic arsenal isn’t enough, you can do what this creator did and set up a row of loaded cannons, ready to fire at the first Jolly Roger to approach the shore.

6. Pirate Pier

image source Elonmuskus son of a bitch

I’d say this designer brought things to 11 with a very well done dock design.

Turn the idea of a fun summer walk on its head by transforming your beach area into a pirate’s paradise.

Set up market stalls where looters can display their bad stuff, like. B. Animals from foreign lands and golden headdresses that once crowned the heads of kings.

The skeleton on the back isn’t bad either.

It serves as a warning to pickpockets and burglars trying to rob these crooks.

5. Interactive treasure maps

Image source by @AcnhSummer

Invite a crew of your favorite shipmates on a scavenger hunt that will blow your mind!

Draw a map of your island as your own design, then draw a path for your friends.

You can make it as hard or as easy as you want, as long as the end goal is worth pursuing.

You can really practice your puzzle skills by turning the game into a treasure hunt, where the ultimate goal is to find a specific object hidden in plain sight.

Hand out clues via chat, and watch your best friends compete for the prize.

4. Beware of Pirate Bay

image source by Bluebear255

Pirates like to keep their deeds secret, so that the justice system does not discover that they have smuggled jewels and plundered royal ships.

But what does a resident consultant do when there is no more room on his island, but he is still full of ideas?

Create natural hidden areas!

Although these areas don’t actually exist, you can use signs to give the impression of a secret hideout behind the waterfall or a smuggling operation under the hatch of Cranny Nook.

You may even want to stock up on signs for all the caves, coves and secret entrances you’ve just discovered.

3. Ring some bells (literally)

Image source: @nukspiration / @slighting.horizons

While real pirates would never get caught leaving doubloons on the ground, you can dedicate a few clocks to searching for gold coins on the shore.

Use the rustic boardwalks to cross the hot sand, dropping your loot along the way.

Looks like one of the team knocked over the safe on their way into town to collect their bonus.

Like the custom shell speaker and black rose, other details make this small space a shining example of the cottagecore’s cousin: the piratecore.

2. X Spot mark

Smoked Mussels Image Source

Does the iconography of pirates go beyond the famous X that marks the place?

No Marauder’s Island is complete without at least a few hidden treasures.

Custom designs come to the rescue once again, with options easily accessible through Able Sisters’ in-store custom design portal.

If you’d rather find your own way to bury your loot, you can also get creative with your Nook phone and design your own version to match the aesthetic of your island.

1. Get dressed!

Image source: @vox_corvi

You can’t be a real pirate if you’re not dressed for the occasion.

I mentioned earlier that Gullivarr offers a range of sets, but you can mix it up with a seemingly endless design, perfect for the professional hacker.

If you don’t see anything online that you like, you can also try drawing your own projects.

For men, white shirts with double buttons are required, with a gold vest and jacket.

Girls can be dressed in red and black striped dresses, leather pants and lots of frills.

If you prefer to leave the role of captain to someone else, you can dress less formally as a crew member.

Ripped pants, a linen shirt and a Jolly Roger bandana are all you need to look like this!

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