Oversized Shirts, Sweaters & Hoodies –

Oversized Shirts, Sweaters & Hoodies –

Comfortable but not intrusive plus size shirts seem to have it all.

Whether you’re lounging on the couch or hanging out at the mall, an oversized look will make you look good and have some fashion sense at the same time.

So in this list, we’re looking at all types of oversized CC, from jackets to crochet (and everything in between).

Basically anything your Sims wear besides their usual outfits.

I mean, we shouldn’t lose sight of these big things any more than living clothes.

Ok, enough stupid links, here we go!


10. JK Extra Large Shirt

Look at this CC

This first oversized item looks like a business suit jacket.

It’s well made, with a cool crease on one side of the shirt dress, with a goofy cloud pattern on it.

It also has beautiful buttonless cuffs, and over 6 patterns make this piece ideal for corporate wear.

The people in the office will definitely turn their heads when you walk in.

9. Trilliki large size t-shirt dress

Look at this CC

BabyBubbleSim gives us our next oversized piece with this t-shirt dress.

If you’ve ever been to Hot Topic, these shirts would give a similar impression.

The target is engraved with inscriptions like Married to the Music or Let it Shine, which were popular (about a decade ago) among teenagers.

Anyway, this piece has a whopping 85 patterns, with 17 unique designs in 5 colors.

A truly sumptuous number of settings on a single tee. But that makes it a safe bet for this list.

8. Oversized Sweatshirt PUKO

Look at this CC

Continue the sweatshirt season with this layered sweater set from Helseira.

With a total of 10 designs, my favorite sweatshirt is the black and white one with the text Beautifully Unique.

This SS has clean, branded sweaters that I think you’ll find at Urban Planet.

Ideal for going to a meeting Situs Slot Menang Terus or just sitting on the couch.

7. Large jacket

Look at this CC

Gelseira is back with this huge CC jacket.

Sometimes it’s not just cold outside, it’s freezing.

Well, this oversized coat comes up to your Sim’s knees and provides maximum warmth on cold winter days.

There are 10 beautiful designs among them, and my personal opinion is that the royal blue designs are just amazing.

6. Christmas sweater Big

Look at this CC

Jingle bells, big sale!

Comfortable all the way!

Okay, maybe my remix isn’t that good. But this CC set.

The look is perfect for the holidays with these Christmas sweaters that have 10 totally different looks.

Candy canes, snowflakes, reindeer or Santa are all available for your Sims to enjoy and much more.

Feel that sense of comfort on Christmas morning and make everyone in your family wish they had your sweater.


5. DIIJ – Oversized sweater

Look at this CC

Here’s one of the trendiest things on this list.

It’s actually a long V-neck sweater that falls down and almost looks like a dress.

Sure, it’s very nice, but is this the CC your sim can use?


Discover the brilliant design and 12 variations in this set.

There’s definitely a way to go with this sweater. And it’s probably the most advanced species on this list.

4. FLOI Top large size

Look at this CC

Here’s another sweater from Helsoseira, this one is closer to crochet.

It features different text patterns like ATLANTA through a red sweater, giving a similar vibe to college crewnecks in the US.

This CC was very well done, and honestly, I bet many of these crooners, even if aimed at women, would be suitable for all genders.

3. Cropped top with MITA sleeves

Look at this CC

Let’s continue down the fashion path by looking at this huge sweater with a total of 27 patterns.

There are many designs to choose from, including an LA Dodgers-inspired floral print, a cool Banksy font, and even simple designs with simple numbers on the front.

A mix of modern looks with unique cut-out sleeves makes this SS a must-have for any famous simstaram.

2. Dress t-shirt large size

Look at this CC

Bold and beautiful is what comes to mind when I see this oversized t-shirt dress from sims2fanbg.

Bright colors, like Moschino-style lime green, are just one example of the charming patterns in this CC set.

It features a new mesh, designed specifically for this dress, for a realistic look and details.

I would say this dress is sparkly and will make your meeting one of the best conversations in town.

1. Oversized sweatshirts (with inscription)

Look at this CC

Let’s give the boys some love (or the girlfriends who steal their sweaters).

Find classic oversized sweatshirts with a clean finish in white and grey tones.

The feature of these sweatshirts is that all these authentic brands are used, which is always a positive point.

The designer j-wofles-sims incorporates brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma in this jersey collection.

A great oversized sweatshirt with fun extras is actually the icing on the cake of an already overflowing oversized clothing list!

Either way, your Sims are bound to be happy about it.

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