Outriders Devastator Legendary Armor Guide – Legendary Armor Sets

Devastator Sockets Legendary Armor – Legendary Armor Sets, Bonuses, Mods.

This Devastator legendary armor guide for riders shows you all Devastator legendary armor kits with their bonuses and the level 3 mods you get with each legendary armor kit.

Each class in the game has four sets of legendary armor, each with the legendary armor pieces that make up the set. Legendary armor sets give your character class powerful bonuses when you equip three or more legendary pieces.

Legendary armor can be obtained by defeating elite bosses in the game’s side missions or on expeditions you participate in after completing the game. You can also significantly increase your chances if you play at the highest world level, where you have over a 400% chance of getting legendary armor if you defeat enemies or complete missions.

Devastator comes from the legendaryarmor

Below we have all the legendary armor sets with their bonuses, armor and mods that come with each piece of legendary armor.

deadly persistent

Reduce the cooling of Boulderdash by 90%.

Legendary armor The best models
Mask of death.
  • Original Weakness – Boulderdash (Level 3)
  • Chaingun Primal – Boulderdash (Level 3)
Lethal leg harness
  • Not impressed (level 3)
  • Automatic rejection – reflective bullets (level 1)
Lethal vaccinations
  • King Slayer (Level 3)
  • Ball acceleration – ball deflection (level 1)
Lethal leg harness
  • Not impressed (level 3)
  • Automatic rejection – reflective bullets (level 1)
Deadly T-shirt
  • Party life (Level 3)
  • First Constitution – Boulderdash (Level 1)


The infinite mass brings the enemies together and forces them to share the damage.

Legendary armor The best models
Marshal’s helmet
  • Enormous horizons – infinite mass (Level 3)
  • Absorb life – Gravity jump (level 1)
Marshal’s armor
  • High intensity – Infinite mass (Level 3)
  • Human comet – Gravity jump (level 1)
Marshall Vaccinations
  • Double jump – Gravity jump (Level 3)
  • Broken Armor – Infinite Mass (Level 1)
Marshall quilt
  • Adrenaline (Level 3)
  • Bone Crusher – Infinite Mass (Level 1)
marschall shoe
  • Despair – Gravity Leap (Level 3)
  • The blood of all is an infinite mass (level 1).


If you use Golem/Tremor, you double your firepower and weapon leech. It affects you and your entire team.

Legendary armor The best models
The head of the statue
  • Large Explosion – Quake (Level 3)
  • Stamina – Golem (Level 1)
Statue torso
  • Power Stones – Vibration (Level 3)
  • Crush sequence – Tremors (level 1)
The hands of a statue
  • Not impressed (level 3)
  • Human Fortress – Tremble (level 1)
The legs of the statue
  • Golem Squad – Golem (Level 3)
  • Stolen Life – Vibration (level 1)
The legs of the statue
  • Made of marble – Golem (Level 3)
  • Bleeding is the golem

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This concludes our guide to the legendary destroyer armor. Post your comments below.

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