Magic Twins Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Magical Twins
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle System : Nintendo Switch (also on PC, PS4 and Xbox)
Developer/Publisher: Flying Animal Labs | Badland Publishing
Age Classification: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $12.99 | UK £11.69 | EU $12.99 Release date
: 18. March 2021

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Arcade puzzle

For a long time I enjoyed the arcade game genre. Whenever I want to do a little gaming, I always pull out these classics: Tetris, GunPey, Pac-Attack, Puyo-Puyo, Columns, Bust-a-Move (a much better name than the more popular Puzzle Bobble), just to name a few. But as excellent as these games are, it’s not often that a developer tackles the genre and releases a co-op version. Enter Magic Twins, an enchanting title that has all the excitement of an arcade puzzle game, but works especially well when you share it with someone.

Time for Spells


You play as the eccentric sisters Abra and Cadabara (very funny, developers), they must travel through magical lands to prevent the Colormageddon they accidentally caused when they tried to dye their school uniforms.

I think I’d rather have Coloormageddon than all those other depressing interpretations of video games we’re used to. The principle is as silly as it is charming. Abra, Kadabara and even Cauldron often exchange jokes between levels, making fun of the general situation, themselves and even the game mechanics.

You can also disable your co-op partner with a spell if you want to be sneaky.

The characters are crudely drawn sketches, a bit like the school books of old. But, as you’d expect based on the above description, there’s an abundance of color and vibrancy in the background, as well as an enchanting soundtrack.

Magic Twins doesn’t need top-notch graphics, as the gameplay is brighter than the color palette on display. The game also has multiple accessibility options for people with color disabilities, thanks to the presence of different filters that help people recognize different colors. This is the most I’ve seen in video games so far.

Combine your spell with the right color potion.


The operation is simple. You move the witch up and down, using the face buttons to choose the color you want and the trigger buttons to throw. It is a simple game suitable for players of all levels.

Upon entering the level, the game presents a 2D board with the sisters on either side of each. Colorful potions (with pretty eyeballs) appear in space in the center of the screen and, as sisters, you must shoot at them with the correct color-coordinated spell (red, blue, green or yellow) to destroy them.

After this drink, a colored flame may fall, which is stored in your cauldron at the bottom of the screen when you pull it. If you collect four of them with a certain color combination, you can cast a spell that will help you through the level. If the enemy potions reach your barrier and destroy it, the game is over.

The developers certainly have a sense of humor.

The game consists of different magical environments, each with different levels to complete. The main objective of each level is to achieve a certain goal, e.g. defeat a certain number of enemies or cast certain spells. In addition to the good old three-star rating, you also have two additional objectives.

My co-op partner and I got pretty hooked on this game, so much so that we often repeated levels to get all the stars, although this quickly became difficult as the difficulty of all the tasks increased and the game presented you with new types of potions and challenge modifiers. The more stars you collect, the more secret levels you unlock. In addition to hidden levels and game modes, you can also unlock various wacky outfits for your witch characters, like B. the infamous cat suit. There is a lot of content and incentives to play quickly here and there.

Objectives are shown before the level starts.

Best total

The biggest appeal of Magic Twins is the cooperative play. Since each player is on the opposite side of the board, the game becomes a fun mix of communication between players and shouting to draw the right flames so you can cast the right spells. My best memory of this game is when my co-op partner called Stinky Sticks on a Pig Rock (some words have been changed because this is a family site). When you get a reaction like that, you know the game is doing something right.

The game can also be played alone. Here you control both sisters, but you switch between them with the shoulder buttons and the AI tries to control the other sister. The sisters also have a funny rule up their sleeve in case you want to play alone. The single-player game is more hectic, as you have to juggle your sisters; the game also lacks the extra fun that only seems to appear in the co-op experience.

You can dress up as a cat. Meow!


Magic Twins enchants with its witty charm and addictive cooperative gameplay, offering an explosion of fun and engaging memories. It is highly recommended to have someone to play with, rather than playing alone. Bring me Coloormageddon, I say.

Last block : I love it!


How do you load…

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