How To Sync Roku Remote With TV – Best Guide 2023

Have trouble connecting your Roku remote to your television? In this article, we will explain to you how to sync Roku remote with TV. Keep reading to learn what steps are necessary for getting started. With just a few clicks, you can be streaming content from some of your favorite services like Netflix and Prime Video in minutes!

  • On the Roku voice remote, select Home.
  • Scroll, then choose Settings.
  • Choose Devices & Remotes.
  • Choose Remote.
  • Select the “Set up the remote for TV” control after selecting your voice remote from the list.
  • To finish the procedure, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Syncing your Roku remote with your TV can be essential when exploring the full benefits of your streaming device. It’s a simple way to get the most out of streaming movies, television shows, and other content without any trouble. The pairing process is quick and straightforward if you follow some easy instructions. 

Steps: How To Sync Roku Remote With TV

How To Sync Roku Remote With TV

Syncing your Roku remote up with your TV doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. It’s a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes to complete. First, you’ll want to make sure both the remote and the TV are powered on. Let’s have a look at the steps of how to sync Roku remote with TV.

1. Press and hold the pairing button located at the back of your Roku remote for 3 seconds until you see a flashing green light on the end of it.

2. On your television, navigate to the settings menu and find the remote control setup option.

3. Select ‘Roku’ from the list of manufacturers provided in this menu. This will cause your TV to search for compatible devices, including your Roku remote.

4. Once found, your remote should now be synced with your television and ready to use. You can test this out by pressing some buttons and seeing if they work correctly on-screen.

5. If you would like to pair more than one remote to your Roku device, you can do so in the same way. Just make sure to press and hold the pairing button on each remote for 3 seconds before going through the steps above.

6. Finally, if you ever need to re-sync your remote with a different television, simply start from Step 1 again and it should be successfully synced in no time.

How To Sync Roku Remote With Samsung TV?

How To Sync Roku Remote With TV

1. Connect your Roku player to the Samsung TV with an HDMI cable.

2. Make sure that you have a compatible remote for both your Roku and Samsung TV, such as the Roku Voice Remote or the Samsung Smart Remote.

3. Power on your Samsung TV and ensure that it is set to the correct source where your Roku player is connected.

4. Press the Home button on the remote for 3 seconds, until a pairing light appears on both devices (Roku & TV).

5. Press any other button on either device while keeping them close together so they can detect each other’s signal, and then wait until they are paired together successfully (you may hear a sound indicating successful pairing).

6. You should now be able to control both your Roku and Samsung TV with a single remote. Enjoy!

7. If the above steps do not work, try resetting your remote by pressing the Home button for 10 seconds until you hear two audio tones. This should reset the remote and allow it to pair with your devices again successfully.

8. If the issue persists, contact technical support for further assistance.

FAQs: How To Sync Roku Remote With TV

Q 1: How Can I Connect My Roku Remote To My TV?

A 1: Press the Home button on your current remote and navigate to Settings > Remotes & devices > Remotes > Set up a new device if your current Roku remote is functional but you wish to link a new one. Then, hit the remote’s pairing button and adhere to the on-screen directions.

Q 2: Is A Roku Worth The Money?

Yes, most certainly. Roku is renowned for offering a broad range of streaming channels and has positioned itself as a platform that accepts services from any provider. It provides all of the most well-known streaming services as a result, including Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and Starz, among others.

Q 3: Why Won’t My TV respond To The Remote Control?

A 3: Verify that none of the remote’s buttons are stuck or jammed. The battery connectors for the remote control could be unclean. Place the batteries back into the remote control after removing them and use a cotton bud or soft cloth to wipe the remote control terminals with a tiny solution of alcohol.

Q 4: Does The Pairing Button Appear On All Roku Remotes?

A 4: All Roku remotes have pairing buttons, right? No, not each remote control for a Roku device has a pairing button. For Roku players, there are two main types of remotes. The Roku improved remote is a wireless network-connected Smart Roku remote control that communicates with your device.

Wrapping Up

If you have any questions about this process or need help troubleshooting, feel free to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help our customers get the most out of their streaming experience. 

Knowing how to sync your Roku remote with your TV is a valuable skill that can come in handy when you least expect it. Now that you know how to do it, you can enjoy your Roku without worrying about losing the remote ever again!

We hope you got all the information that you needed to know about how to sync Roku remote with TV. Thanks for reading.

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