How to Install Any App on an Amazon Fire TV in 2022

How to Install Any App on Amazon Fire TV – Genuine Guide 2022

How to Install Any App on an Amazon Fire TV in 2022

Wanna know How to Install Any App on Amazon Fire TV? Then read this article till the end to find out.

Amazon Fire TV devices lack the standard Google Play Store, so you can’t get at as many audio-video and other apps. However, this is a problem solved by sideloading just about any app onto your fire tv device!

The Fire TV Stick or Box is a wonderful device for those who want to experience more than just the basics. When using it with your Kodi app, you can open up and enjoy hundreds of different games from all over Android as well as other third-party stores like NudgeIt!

However, if an app has not been specifically made for bigger screens (like an Android TV), then there might be some problems – such things could range from being excessively buggy or simply not showing at all!

As with any kind of hack, some trial and error are required. If at first you don’t succeed try again… by “try”, we mean to search for other users who’ve installed the app in case there are tweaks needed on your end; ideally, this will only take a few minutes!

Open up the Settings page on your Amazon Fire TV device, and find My Fire TV. Then navigate to Developer Options: Make sure that both ADB Debugging as well as Apps from Unknown Sources are enabled so you can install whatever app takes your fancy beyond what is available in their usual categories or lists!

One of the dangers of allowing any app on your Fire TV device is that you could install something dangerous—something not vetted by Amazon and marked as safe.

It’s crucial then, before installing anything from an unknown source or third-party site like APK Mirror for instance which has been associated in its own right as a reputable software directory service provider–to first verify it complies with all required standards set forth by this ever-vigilant company.

After downloading APK files from ApkMirror on your streaming device, one of the easiest ways to find them is with ES File Explorer.

Install it in Amazon App Store if needed and then search for “ES File Explorer” using the main option when loading the app page or go into the settings menu under More > Settings which will lead you straight there!

Now that we have our apps ready at home (we can do this through any browser connected directly via WiFi), let’s get back onto Android TV to install those newly obtained media archive packages.

ES File Explorer is an amazing app for Windows users that allows you to see your files located on the network. One of its features comes in handy when transferring media like videos.

The music from the computer/laptop into the device with ease (like Fire TV), entails opening up ES File Explorer and then choosing Network > View PC & Mac simultaneously–this opens up FTP access so just enter it wherever desired within both Finder or file explorer window respectively!

You can then download files from APK Mirror to your computer (which is much easier than trying to do it on a streaming stick), and drag them across a Fire TV device. The Download folder should be where all downloads go when you add them in ES File Explorer so that they are easily accessible through local storage or via cloud services too!

How to Download Apps Using the Search Function on Your Fire Stick

To find a specific app, go to your home screen and select the magnifying glass icon. Type in the name of what you are looking for from within this list that will appear onscreen – after all it’s easier than scrolling through pages! Then tap Get or Download once found if downloading onto an Android device instead.

1. Launch your Fire Stick and use the magnifying glass icon from the top menu.

If you search for apps on your Fire Stick remote with the built-in microphone, it will say what app is being searched.

There’s a button in the top left corner of your screen that looks like two microphones listening next to each other and when pressed makes this machine bark out any word or phrase related to whatever entertainment device we’re using at that moment – be it Netflix Hulu!

2. Using the directional pad, type in the name of an app. You don’t have to type in the whole phrase. The name of your app may appear before you completely input it, like what happened with me!

3. Then select the app from the list. If you want to download a specific app from the App Store, just tap its name and then press down on one of your device’s directional pads until it turns green.

4. Press the center button on your remote to select an app and you’ll be able to see what’s trending now.

5. Then select Get or Download. If you have downloaded the app in the past, click on “Download” to continue. If not able to find it or if this is your first time downloading whatever application we’re talking about here (don’t worry – hope!), go ahead and tap “Get” for some amazing content!

6. Wait for the download to finish and select Open to launch it.

How To Install Any App Using the Amazon Appstore?

You can download apps to your Fire Stick using a computer by going through the Amazon Appstore. First, open up any web browser and go to

How to Install Any App

Next, scroll down until you see where it says ” select type of device” then choose whether or not that applies to you (Is this for personal use only?)

If so there will be different options on how many GBs get loaded onto each kind of TV Box available in order from the least amount at 1GB all way up to 6GBs which would suit most users’ needs as well unless they have very heavy gaming habits!

  • Open a web browser on your computer or device. This can be any web browser from Chrome to Safari to Firefox.
  • Go to
  • Click the box next to Fire TV in order for this option. You will see it on your left sidebar under Device Type, if available voice should be casual and friendly with an enticing tone that motivates people into action.
  • If you’re looking for an app, the first thing to do is click on it. Doing this will let you see all sorts of information about what makes that particular program so great!
  • The next step is to select the device you want your app loaded onto. You can do this by choosing from one of two options: Deliver App To This Device or Send It Instantly For Free! Once that’s done, enter a name for your Fire Stick and hit “Send.”
  • Finally, you are ready to install the app on your Fire TV Stick. Click Get App or Deliver and that will automatically do it for you!

Now you can find all of your downloaded apps on the Home screen of your Fire Stick. If too many get installed, they may run out and leave a mess for you to organize or delete!

FAQs – How to Install Any App

Why won’t any apps install on my Fire TV?

Check your network status if you can’t download apps on your Fire Stick and want to solve it. Alternatively, check the amount of free space on your device’s internal storage. If none of these suggestions work, try restarting your Fire Stick.


If you’ve followed along with this guide, you should now know how to install any app on your Amazon Fire TV. We hope you found this information helpful and that it enables you to enjoy all the great content available through Amazon Fire TV. Have a question about something we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help. Happy streaming!

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