How To Fix DISM Incorrectly Reporting Corruption Error On Windows 10 Version 2004

Microsoft last month began releasing the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, also known as the Windows 10 Version 2004 Update, as a major update for Windows systems. The update was available for devices running Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909 and is available through the Windows Update option.

However, a few days after the launch, users started reporting problems with the latest update. We already have a full list of Windows 10 2004 issues that users are facing, but in this post, we are here to help you resolve the incorrectly reported DISM corruption errors that you may encounter when trying to install the latest version.


What is DISM in Windows 10?

DISM, or Deployment Image Servicing and Management, is a command-line program designed to solve problems with the installation of Windows updates and service packs. The utility is integrated into Windows and can be used to repair virtual hard drives (.vhd or .vhdx) and Windows image files (.wim).

On Windows 10, DISM is available in the system32 folder, but it can also be accessed by running the command prompt as a system administrator. The tool can then be used to install, uninstall, configure and update Windows features, packages, drivers and international settings.

What is the problem with DISM after updating to Windows 10 version 2004

DISM.exe seems to behave badly since installing the 2004 version. When you check for system corruption with DISM after installing the Windows 10 Update 2004, the utility indicates that the corruption is still present after the repair.

It should be noted that there is an issue in the latest version of Windows 10, 2004, where the operating system can report corruption even though the issue has been fixed. You can check your version by running the command winver in the Run window (win+R) to see if it applies to you.

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Which devices are involved

The DISM error occurs on systems that have been upgraded to Windows 10 version 2004 or Windows Server version 2004.

To correct DISM errors Incorrect information onerrors

You can correct the incorrect DISM error by performing the following steps:

Step one: As the system administrator, open a command prompt. To do this, right-click on the command line and select Run as administrator from the menu. You can just press the Windows key and type cmd to run the search, as shown in the screenshot below).

Step two: Type one of the following two commands in the command line window:

DISM.exe /Online /Image cleaning /Health restoration


DISM.exe /Online /Clean Images /ScanHealth

Message: You can copy the above command and paste it into the command line using the key combination Shift+Ins.

Step three: Press the Enter key on the keyboard to execute the command.

Wait for Windows to complete the scan, which may take several minutes after the DISM utility has checked the damaged files, compared them to the healthy ones, and created a log in your system.

Step four: If DISM still indicates corruption, try entering another command from step 2 and press Enter.

Microsoft says that successive scan attempts should show you the true state of corruption.

Have you been able to fix the DISM error that falsely reports corruption in Windows 10 version 2004?

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