How to Check Your Internet Speed? The New Method

Every day we try to make technology easier for you to do more, and what I’m going to try to do today is make your surfing experience more relaxing and happy. There is a real correlation between our personal well-being, our own happiness and the amount of bandwidth available and the reliability of the Internet on the device of our choice. Don’t you always feel better when you go to a website and it opens quickly, or when you watch a streaming video and everything goes smoothly, without getting frustrated like internet connection problems?

So we try to get the best possible internet access and even pay hundreds of dollars a month to internet providers to give us a reliable, good quality internet connection. But how do you know how much internet you will get and how do you check your internet speed?

Now let’s measure the speed of the internet and see if we get value for money.  There are many different services that measure internet speed, but the one I like and why I like using it is Speedcheck. See how you can do it.


How the Internet is delivered to us by your Internet Service Provider

Just because we have a fast internet connection doesn’t mean it performs well for what we want to do online. For example, if you’re streaming video, you may have a lightning-fast internet connection, but if the server delivering the video to you has problems or the connection between the server and your connection is slow, you may not get the best service.

Your connection is to your ISP, they have servers there, but not the entire internet is on their servers. Your servers are simply connected to other servers that contain different types of information that you are looking for. Information is stored in many different locations and servers in connected rooms.

When you watch Netflix videos, they are streamed from Netflix servers to and through your provider’s server, and there may even be intermediaries in between. If there is a delay or bottleneck anywhere in that system, you will suffer. Even if your initial connection to your ISP is really as fast as you expect. But Netflix can also crash, be unresponsive, crash downloads, or even go down (temporarily), just like any other big company.

And this problem gets worse when we’re talking about things like webinars where somebody else has an internet connection that goes to a server that provides internet services, that then connects to your server, that then connects down, and you can see how many moving parts there are, and so even if you have a great connection between you and the internet and your main server, that doesn’t always translate into high performance.

How can I check the speed of my Internet connection?

What usually happens is that in the middle of the game you start watching Netflix and buffering, and the lag is such that your teammates leave you behind.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re still in touch. Once you realize that you go to any internet speed test where these speed test sites, but here’s the thing, and you may have noticed that when you test one, for example, and then another on fast rest you go through the results, which is a little weird, because if the whole point of the speed test style is to test, why does it keep changing every time I test. That’s the downside.

That’s why I use Speedcheck to check my internet speed, which uses the server of the nearest ISP to get the most accurate data. It’s pretty easy and simple.

Go to and click on Start Test.

As soon as you click on the Start button, a connection to your ISP server is automatically established and the test starts. In a minute or two you will have the download and upload speeds in front of you, including latency, which most other speed testing services do not offer.

And here’s how to find out your internet speed. If the amount is less than what you were promised, you can probably discuss it with your ISP, but if it’s close to or equal to what you were promised, that’s fine. However, maintaining a good connection is just as important as having fast internet. And there are several steps to doing this.

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