How To Change Input On Roku TV – Best Guide 2023

Are you trying to figure out how to change input on Roku TV? Today, we’ll explore this process so that you can confidently adjust the input source of your TV. If your remote is top-quality and able to recognize voice commands, it doesn’t hurt to try a few vocal cues first! 

For starters, Open your Roku TV and navigate to the Home screen with your input device hooked in. Select Settings > TV Inputs and then click OK. You can choose from a variety of input ports here.

And if all else fails, there are always visual navigational techniques available as well. Read on for more information about both methods of changing inputs on any Roku TV model. 

A Guide: How To Change Input On Roku TV

Once you know the basics, changing your input on a Roku TV is not difficult. All Roku TVs have a home button on the remote to take you back to the home screen which displays all of your streaming options or inputs. Let’s have a look at three different methods of how to change input on Roku TV.

Method 1: Changing The Input On Your Roku TV Remote

The first method is to use your Roku TV remote. To do this, hit “Home” on your remote control, then choose “Inputs” from the list of options that appears. A list of your device’s input options will then be shown to you. Select the one you want to use and finish by pressing “OK” or “Select” on your remote.

Method 2: Changing The Input Using Your Smartphone

Using your smartphone is the second strategy. Download the free Roku app from Google Play or the Apple App Store to accomplish this (for Android devices). Open the app after installation and login using your Roku account. You will then be able to access the “Inputs” menu and select the input you want to use.

Method 3: Changing the Input Using Your Computer

Using your computer is the third way. To get started, launch your browser and go to the Roku website. Log in with your Roku account, then select “Inputs” from the menu on the left of your screen. You can choose the input you want to utilize for your device at this point. Once you have done that, click “Apply Changes” at the bottom of the page and it should take effect immediately.

These are all straightforward methods that allow you to quickly change inputs on your Roku TV. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined above and you should have no trouble changing inputs on your device. 

Whether you prefer to use a remote, smartphone, or computer, it’s easy to get up and running with a different input. So go ahead and give these three methods on how to change input on Roku TV a try!

Available Inputs On Roku TVs

How To Change Input On Roku TV

Roku TVs offer a variety of inputs to choose from. This includes the HDMIs, RCA-outs, ethernet jacks, and USB slots. Such a selection allows you to integrate various sound systems and other audio/visual components into your Roku TV setup. 

HDMI cables are best suited if you’re looking for full HD video quality and true 5.1 surround sound when watching movies or gaming on the big screen. RCA-outs provide a connection to older devices that don’t come with HDMI hookups such as VCRs

Ethernet jacks let you expand the range of the internet connection for your TV in case it needs an extra boost for streaming services like Netflix or HuluPlus. 

USB slots give one the option of connecting external hard drives directly with their TV for convenient storage capacity expansion. With all these inputs available, any Roku user can optimize their home theater setup for maximum entertainment!

FAQs: How To Change Input On Roku TV

Q 1: Can The Roku Remote Be Used To Adjust The TV’s Input?

A 1: Use the Roku remote in conjunction with an HDMI CEC TV to change inputs quickly and easily. When you press the HOME button on your Roku remote, HDMI-CEC-capable devices will instantly switch to the appropriate input. Although you can’t switch back using this manner, this function only works in one direction.

Q 2: Why Doesn’t My Roku Appear On HDMI?

A 2: Verify that the video cable is securely attached to the HDMI or composite connector on the TV and the rear of your Roku device. If your TV has an HDMI connector, make sure your Roku Streaming Stick is properly plugged in.

Q 3: Can Roku TV Start On HDMI?

A 3: If your HDMI ports are home to a Pay TV decoder, Blu-ray player, or streaming device, you can instruct Roku to turn on your Set-top box as soon as the TV comes on.

Q 4: How Can I Reconnect My TV To HDMI?

A 4: Make sure the TV is set to the appropriate video input in order to receive the HDMI signal. The Input button on the majority of TV remote controls cycles through the available inputs. Once the proper HDMI input is visible on the TV, keep pressing the Input button. Check which TV input you are using before connecting.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! This blog post has explained how to change the input on your Roku TV in three simple methods. Now you can easily switch between inputs with just a few clicks of a button!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support staff if you have any additional queries or require assistance. They’ll be more than happy to assist you with whatever issue you may have! Thanks for reading and happy streaming!

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