How Do I Add Photos To My Roku Screensaver In 2022

How Do I Add Photos To My Roku Screensaver In 2022

How Do I Add Photos To My Roku Screensaver In 2022

How do I add photos to my Roku screensaver? Are you wondering about the same thing? Then this article will help you clarify all your confusion. So, keep reading till the end. 

If you’ve ever used a Roku streaming media player, you’re probably familiar with the screensaver feature. This nifty little function displays a selection of beautiful photos on your Roku TV screen when your Roku is idle. By default, the photos are pulled from a pre-selected online photo album, but you can also add your own personal photos to the screensaver rotation.

Roku users can add their own photos to the screensaver on their devices. Adding photos to your Roku screensaver is a great way to personalize your device and make it feel more like home. By default, the Roku screensaver shows rotating images from various sources, but you can easily add your own photos instead. In this article, we’ll show you how to add photos to your 

To set up your screensaver on Roku, open the media center app and select Screensaver from below. Click Get Started to proceed with creating an attractive screensaver that will protect your photos and videos in case anything happens while watching TV or performing other activities without access to electricity.

Adding Photos To Roku Screensaver

How Do I Add Photos To My Roku Screensaver

Roku is an online streaming device that provides access to various entertainment options like movies, TV shows, music, sports, etc. It is the most used streaming device in the market today and almost every person has one. You can stream anything from anywhere and anytime. Roku is the most reliable way to stream content online.

Roku is the most popular streaming media player that is used in the US. It is an amazing device with lots of features, and it can easily play any kind of media. Roku is compatible with many devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

Roku is known for its simplicity and amazing features. It has a very simple user interface, and it allows users to watch the latest movies, TV shows, and sports live. There are many ways to use Roku, and one of the ways is to add photos to your Roku screensaver. By adding photos to your Roku screensaver, you will have a beautiful display, and you will enjoy the screen of your Roku device.

The setup and installation of Roku are very easy and only a few steps are required to set it up. Here are the steps that will help you to set up Roku easily.

Steps To Install Roku:-

  1. Plug your Roku into your TV and go to the Roku website and search for the latest version of the Roku device.
  2. Select the correct model of the Roku.
  3. Click on the link “download” and save the file on your computer.
  4. Install the app on your smartphone. Download the Roku app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  5. Install the Roku app on your phone.
  6. Open the Roku app and sign in to your account.
  7. Press the “Home” button and select the channel that you want to stream.

How Do I Add Photos To My Roku Screensaver?

How Do I Add Photos To My Roku Screensaver

There are so many ways to add photos to your Roku screen saver, but I am going to share with you one of the best and simple methods to add photos to your Roku screen saver.

1. Create A Folder

The first step is to create a folder where you will store the photos that you want to use for your screen saver.

2. Add Photos To The Folder

Now that you have created a folder, you need to add the photos to it.

3. Change The Size Of The Photos

When you open the photos in the folder, you will notice that the photos are small. So, you need to change the size of the photos in order to make them fit your screen saver.

4. Rename The Photos

After you have changed the size of the photos, you need to rename the photos that you want to add to your Roku screen saver.

5. Save The Photos

Once you are done with the process, you need to save the photos.

Creating A Custom Roku Screensaver With Your Own Photos

How Do I Add Photos To My Roku Screensaver

In order to create a custom Roku screensaver with your own photos, you will need to use a photo editor to create a .jpg file that is 1920×1080 pixels. Once you have created the file, you will need to save it to your desktop and then follow the steps below to add it to your Roku device.

  1. Go to the Roku Channel Store and find the “Photos” channel.
  2. Select “Add Channel” and then enter the code that appears on your screen.
  3. Once the channel has been added, select it from the main menu.
  4. Select “My Photos” and then choose the photo you want to use as your screensaver.
  5. Select “Set Screensaver” and then choose “Yes” to confirm.
  6. The photo will now be displayed as your screensaver.


Adding photos to your Roku screensaver is a great way to personalize your device and make it more visually appealing. With just a few simple steps, you can add any photo you want to grace your screen when your Roku is idle.

There are a few things to keep in mind when adding photos to your screensaver. The first is that the file size of each photo must be less than 1 MB. Secondly, the dimensions of the photo should be 1920×1080 or smaller.

Finally, if you have multiple photos that you’d like to use as part of your screensaver slideshow, they should be placed in a single folder and named sequentially.

That was all the information that you need to know about how to add photos to your Roku screensaver. I hope you enjoyed the post on “how do I add photos to my Roku screensaver” and it helped you in some way. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can share them in the comment section. 

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