Game Lag When Watching YouTube or Twitch on Chrome

If you experience latency issues or poor performance while gaming, specifically while simultaneously watching YouTube or Twitch on Chrome, here are two tips to reduce latency while gaming while opening Chrome on Windows 10 (this also works for other browsers like Firefox or Edge).

While I think this guide can help reduce game lag when Chrome is running, the performance of the game as a whole still depends on the power of your computer. The following tips are not guaranteed to significantly improve the performance of your game when trying to run multiple applications, for example. B. Watch YouTube at the same time if your computer is not powerful enough.


Reduce lag when opening YouTube or Twitch in Chrome

The key to this trick is to give the Chrome process a low priority so that Windows prioritizes the game first when managing CPU resources, and to set Chrome’s CPU affinity to limit the number of CPU cores it can use.

Lowering the priority of processes in Windows 10

Follow these steps to adjust the priority of Chrome processes in Windows 10.

Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL + Shift + Esc or by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Task Manager.

In Task Manager, click on the Details tab.

Since Google Chrome runs multiple chrome.exe processes based on the number of tabs open at any given time, the best way to determine which chrome.exe is using the most resources is to click on the Memory column to sort processes by memory usage.

When YouTube is playing in one of the Chrome tabs, it usually consumes the most memory and has the highest CPU activity of all the other chrome.exe processes.

To lower the priority of the chrome.exe process, right-click the chrome.exe file and select Set Priority > Low or under Normal. As long as Chrome’s priority is lower than that of the game process, Windows will prioritize the game when allocating CPU resources.

If you use multiple chrome tabs intensively, you should repeat the process for other chrome.exe processes with high CPU activity.

To undo the changes, close Chrome and open it again. All defined priorities will be normalized again after restarting the application.

Setting Chrome’s CPU affinity in Windows 10

Normally, setting the process priority should be sufficient to significantly reduce in-game lag caused by inefficient CPU resource allocation when running a heavy task like YouTube or Twitch. However, for further smoothing, you can force the chroma process to use only certain processor cores so that it does not interfere with resource allocation to other processor cores.

To set processor affinity for the chrome processor, right-click the chrome.exe processor and select Set Affinity.

In the Processor Affinity window, all processor cores are enabled by default. Start by disabling all processor cores, then select only one or two cores for the process.

How many cores you want to allow for the selected chrome.exe process is up to you. It also depends on the power of your processor cores. If you have a powerful processor, a single core should be enough to run YouTube or Twitch at a high quality level. Try it yourself by choosing the number of processor cores to run the chroma process with and see if it reduces in-game latency.

The CPU affinity setting for each process is returned by default (all CPU cores allowed) when the application is restarted. To return to the default changes, close Chrome and open it again.

Note that Chrome’s affinity setting has a significant impact on the Chrome tab, which is limited to CPU cores. If you have a fairly slow processor, a Chrome-intensive tab like YouTube may start to falter or even crash if it doesn’t have enough CPU resources to run. If you experience problems with the Chrome tab, you can experiment by gradually increasing the number of processor cores allowed for the Chrome process.

Description to share: Does the game slow down when you open YouTube or Twitch in Chrome? Here are two tips to reduce lag between games when Chrome is running simultaneously.

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