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On the internet, there are several websites that are dedicated to fixing your Android phone, or at least giving you the tools to do it yourself. Have you ever wondered where the person got all the parts for their Android phone? If you were to go on a website that sells replacement parts for Android phones, you can choose from three different versions of screen sizes, and seven different versions of processors.

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Fixing an Unknown Baseband on your Android can be a pain, so we have created a step by step guide with pictures to help you through this process. This is a fairly simple process to do, just remember to backup anything you do not want to lose. The most important part about fixing a baseband is to do exactly what the instructions say. The process is pretty simple, but the steps can be a bit confusing.

In this guide, we will show you how to fix an unknown version of Samsung Galaxy Baseband. This guide applies to all Samsung Galaxy variants. One of our regular visitors left a question about a problem she was having with her Samsung Galaxy S4: She explains: The version of the baseband on my Samsung Galaxy S4 is unknown. The IMEI of the SV is unknown and the power signal is missing. She has also tried several times to reset the device to factory settings, but to no avail. If the message Insert SIM card to access network services appears on your phone, click on the link first, it will open in a new tab. Another possibility, If your IMEI number is wrong or invalid, read on – Recovering the invalid Galaxy IMEI number and fixing the unregistered network problem. Let’s see why you are getting the Baseband Version is Unknown error message on your Galaxy. These are some of the symptoms you get when the version of the baseband is unknown:

  • Bluetooth address is not available
  • The WIFI connection works without interruptions
  • Constant restart
  • Fake IMEI number or invalid IMEI number (usually 004999010640000)
  • Serial number zero – (0000000)
  • Online registration is not possible

What is the reason for the unknown version of the baseband for the Samsung Galaxy?

The reason for the error Baseband Version Unknown is a damaged/misplaced EFS folder that contains your phone’s IMEI number. This error indicates that your EFS file is seriously damaged. This is the identity card of your phone. Without this number you cannot make calls and your number will be considered invalid. You can check your IMEI number by dialing *#06#. See also: Secret codes for all Samsung Galaxy variants (S2/S3/S4/S5) Unknown baseband can cause – Not registered in network

How to solve an unknown baseband for Android version

To fix the error Unknown Baseband Version on your Android device, backup and restore the EFS folder. The EFS folder can be found with any file management application. But backup and recovery is an entirely different matter. Perform the following steps:


EFS stands for Encrypting File System, and it handles all the networking and communication functions of your Android. The mistake most people make is installing custom ROMs without saving the EFS folder. Make sure you have root access. If you don’t have one, click here to create a secure root for your device. > Enable debug mode on your phone – settings > developer options > USB debugging is checked. >Connect your Samsung Galaxy to your computer > Download EFS Professional v2.0 >Eject and execute EFS Professional.exe >Press EFS Professional >A new window with additional information should appear. It will tell you that it has found your device and that you are ready to go. Go ahead. >Select the Backup tab >Make sure all left partitions are highlighted and your device filter is detected. >Click the Backup button to save the EFS folder. >It’s not over yet. Now it’s time to rebuild it to restore the unknown base bond. > Click the Restore tab, and then click the Restore button.

Method 2 to recover EFS folder on Samsung Galaxy and repair unknown version of base band

> Go to the debug mode of your Samsung Galaxy. >Connect the device to your computer >Download EFS Restorer Express >Open the folder and double-click on EFS-BACKUP. >In the screen that appears, select the EFS via ODIN recovery method. >Get out Thanks to: shoma_81, tester99 for their help and support in making the tool.”Baseband version” is the firmware running on your phone’s cellular modem. If you’ve ever seen the phone on the baseband screen, you’ve seen the baseband version number. And if you’ve ever used an Android device, you’ve seen that some versions have letters attached to them. The version numbers are as follows:. Read more about baseband version unknown fix without pc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix unknown baseband on Samsung?

If you are receiving an unknown baseband message on your Galaxy device and you can’t figure out how to fix it, you are not alone. Unknown baseband issues can be caused by a number of problems. Most times, unknown baseband issues occur due to a corrupted software update. Oftentimes, when this happens, you will receive another message instructing you to download and install the most recent software update. However, if you have already downloaded and installed the most recent software update, and you are still receiving the unknown baseband message, you’ll need to take additional steps to fix the issue. In this post, we’re going to be looking at a number of different fixes for the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 with the dreaded “unknown baseband” error (aka “baseband unknown” or “baseband unsupported”). This error message is caused by an error with the baseband chip, which is the software that controls things like the phone’s ability to talk to the towers and the GSM network.

How do I fix unknown baseband version?

If you’re using an Android phone, you’ve probably noticed that the update to Android 4.4 KitKat brought with it some changes to the way cell service on your phone works. For one, the process for updating your phone’s baseband has changed. Users who received KitKat on their phones from carriers like Verizon Wireless will probably have noticed that their phones’ baseband version has been stuck on an unknown number rather than being updated to KitKat-compatible software. If you have updated your Samsung Galaxy S3 and it gets stuck on the boot screen or shows an unknown baseband version, don’t worry. In this article, we will show you how you can fix this problem and get your phone working again. First of all, you should try uninstalling the updates you received recently. If that doesn’t work, you should try the following solutions:

How do you fix unknown baseband on MTK?

Unknow baseband is a very common Android software problem. It is really easy to fix Unknown baseband. But if your phone is rooted, you have to install an app called Kinguser to fix it. If your phone is not rooted, You have to find the correct firmware files for the country in which your phone is purchased. Welcome back to another installment of the Raising the Fawn Blog. Today I’m going to be talking about how to fix the infamous Unknown Baseband error on all MTK devices. This error tends to occur in pretty much every MTK device out. This is a pretty common problem, especially on low & midrange devices, and it’s pretty simple to fix. I’m also going to be covering some other topics in this article as well.

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