Crystal Ore Farming (Ultimate Guide)

A good adventurer never has enough ore to improve his weapons! One of the best ways to obtain this combative substance is to mine a material called crystal ore. Blacksmiths in Moon City and Liyu can make different types of ore from each piece of crystal, tin and iron to improve weapons. To help you, we have selected the best places and routes to grow crystal ore in Genshin Impact.

You can gather a lot of important information in this Genshin impact guide by looking at the pictures. The purpose of the text will be to supplement these images with more detailed explanations. Use the symbols on the cards in the game to remember these locations.


How often is the crystal ore repainted?

Crystal Ore’s repainting habits can be a little opaque and messy. Most crystal ores are recharged 48 to 72 hours after they are taken. Try to check each website once a day.

If you are in a hurry, we recommend using the designated teleportation point closest to the mine sites. Although we have noted slot gacor terpercaya the location of most of the rich ore reserves, you can talk to the blacksmiths in Moon City and Layu and they will tell you the areas where the crystal ore is fully loaded. You can ask any blacksmith once a day.

Best places to grow crystal ores

Here are the best places to grow crystal ore in Genshin:

Wolwendom, Moon City

Just south of Springvale (near Memory Valley) is the fairly large Healyhurl camp, guarding a cave full of crystal ore. This is usually slot gacor hari ini where Draff points you when he asks if there is anything interesting nearby.

Volvendom is also full of crystal ore, although the rock walls will probably make you retreat to one side or the other. We recommend going southwest first and then following the path north.

Don’t forget to pick up the ore on your way from the Dawn Vineyard to Stormerterror’s lair!

Cave of the Storm, Moon City

Stormterror’s Lair is a moon paradise city in Crystal Ore that can be approached in many ways. The places mentioned here usually give rise to more than one crystal ore. So you may find other minerals scattered along the way. So situs slot gacor terbaik we have a longer route that takes you through Bright Crown Canyon to Storm’s Lair, and a shorter route that starts at the estate. To save time, always teleport to the field and slide down to grab the ore instead of running.

If you decide to take the long way through Bright Crown Canyon, watch out for the ruin that guards the area. You may also encounter ruin guards on the east side of Stormterror’s Lair, so be prepared.

Additional note: The crystal ores here are all at ground level, so you don’t have to worry about climbing and using your stamina!

Gyung Steinwald, Liyue

It makes sense that one of the best places to get crystal ore is a place with lots of connections to Geo Archon. You can take the long way through the Giuna Stone Forest or use the waypoint and teleportation area to save time.

Lingju Pass, Liyue

There’s a lot to do in this part of the map, but it’s fairly manageable. At the top of Tianheng Mountain are two crystal ore benchmarks that are re-drilled more frequently than any other major ore deposit.

If you want to extend this route, jump off the mountain and slide down. Otherwise, teleport to the Weippoint southwest of Tianheng Mountain. Look carefully at the following two points in the middle of the map. They are both hidden in caves near the water.

Don’t forget to grab the crystal ore hidden in the hole in the ground east of the Dunyu Ruins!

Let’s go camping!

From the Seven Statue at Lingzhu Pass, you can start a beautiful hike to the south, collecting crystal ore along the way. There are many places where the star in the green Exploration circle engulfs the ore. Usually you get regular iron coins in these places. However, there are rare chances that you will get pewter or even crystal coins.

Follow the path to the south and prepare for a battle with Mitachurl and some Hilichurl reinforcements. Then enter the cave and you will find the crystal ore, protected by Agent Fatua.

For an unusually long journey, climb the path up the mountain and down to the ruins of the Qingsu Basin. There, in a small cave on the ground (about in the middle of the area), you will find many enemies protecting some ores.

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