Complete List of Shops and Vendors in Genshin Impact

If you’re tight on cash or just want to stock up, check out our full list of all Genshin Impact stores and sellers. This article will be divided into two chapters (one for each region of the game). Each of these sections is divided into subsections based on location and the types of products the vendors sell.

Important notes: Many of these vendors are only allowed to come to these locations and sell products at certain times of the day. Use the game clock to change the time of day. If you have trouble seeing the map identifiers in our screenshots, save the images and enlarge them!


Stores and suppliers in Genshin Impact

Shops and dealers in Moon City

The next three merchants in Moon City are probably the most important to remember, as the demand for weapons and artifact experience in the game is very high. They are indicated by the red markings on the map above.

  • Wagner (M1): The trusted blacksmith of Moon City will sell you weapons, forging tools and other materials, and tell you the location of rich ore deposits.
  • Schultz (M1): Unlike Liyue’s blacksmith, Wagner has an apprentice who sells you lower level weapons (so you can reach higher levels with better weapons).
  • Shiliu (M2): This vendor will fill low-level artifacts every Thursday.

The next set of vendors in Moon City sell prepared food, ingredients, or other items that may be needed for the character’s progress. On the map above, they are all marked with yellow labels.

  • White (M3): General store
  • Sarah (M4): You can buy more recipes from Sarah as you get more adventurous, so visit the Good Hunter restaurant from time to time.
  • Flora (M5): Flower Whisper offers many colors used for climbing panels.
  • Charles (M6): You’ll be sure to visit Angel Share Tavern during your search, but it’s easy to forget to buy a drink or two from Charles. You can check here if you missed any of the dishes in your archive.

There are several well-known vendors in Springvale, and there is an adventure camp at the foot of Dragon’s Back. Use the appropriate codes (in pink on the map) next to the names of the icons below to easily find these merchants.

  • Draff (S1): Talk to him during the day to buy different kinds of meat and to find out where the rich ore deposit is.
  • Brooke (S2): Country Chef
  • Hopkins (S3): In every game there is an NPC who will sell you a useless item for a bargain price. Hopkins will sell you spring water that has little long-term healing effect.
  • Harris (D1): Camp counselor.

Eventually you’ll find a girl named Chloris on the long path north of the wind. Since it is not limited to one place, we decided not to include a map of the location.

  • Chlorine (Wind Way): She describes herself as a botanist who, like Flora, also sells plants that are used for recipes and climbing characters.

LiyueShops and retailers

The port of Laieu is busy day and night. Up here, the city’s main suppliers! They are all marked with light green labels on the map above.

  • Zhang Shun (L1): The first of two art dealers in Laieu Harbor.
  • Jifan (L2): History lovers can rejoice. You can buy tons of books from the owner of the Wanwen Book House. Come back regularly to see the new volumes!
  • Catherine (L3): In the structures above Liyue is the northern bank of Fatua. Although it’s not really a manufacturer, we’ve included it in this list because many players may not be familiar with its use yet. After getting the Mora bag or pouch in some quests, if you go to that location and talk to Catherine, you can keep the remaining Mora from the quest.
  • Linlang (L4): You can only find this artifact dealer at night. As with the other two vendors of artifacts in the game, it will be Thursday before the store is filled again.
  • Chatou (L5): Although crystal ore is not among the products sold by Shitou, it never hurts to stock up on the other types of minerals the company offers.
  • Master Zhang (L6): A trusted blacksmith from the port of Laieu. Remember that you can only buy weapons from one of the two blacksmiths per day. Since he has no apprentice, we recommend going to Moon City, but the choice is yours, traveler.

The following vendors deliver food, ingredients and some climbing equipment to Liyue Harbor. It would be wise to check these places, as some sellers sell valuable recipes on various adventure posts. This list is quite long, so bear with me! Use the relevant codes below (in light blue on the map) and the map above to find these vendors.

  • Grass Mistletoe (L7): Apparently Teyvat pharmacies can sell important lifting materials and other ingredients.
  • Yuishu (L8): The waitress at the Xinyue kiosk is selling a recipe, but could easily pass if your camera wasn’t in this corner.
  • Licai (L9): On the other side of Yueshu’s stairs sits Licai, another oft-forgotten waitress who has a recipe to sell.
  • Changshun (L10): Although it is located next to some important shops in Liyue Port, Changshun is sometimes forgotten. If you need electrocrystals and don’t want to use our guide to growing electrocrystals, this seller will sell you some.
  • Dongsheng (L11): Owner of the Liyue General Store known as Second Life.
  • Chen Sharp (L12): This caterer offers little, but is ideally located near Second Life.
  • Chief Mao (L13): As the owner of Wanmin Restaurant and father of Xianlin, Chef Mao has a lot to offer, including basic ingredients, recipes and dishes!
  • Soo Erniang (L14): This vendor sells rather nifty chops and is located near the main restaurant in Liyue Port.
  • Bolay (L15) : On the docks, there is a shadow that some of you have had to deal with. His merchandise is far from scarce, but if you want to stock up, remember he’s there.
  • Uncle Sun (L16): Of the two fish shops in Liyu Port, Uncle Sun offers more kinds of seafood.
  • Uncle Gao (L17): Sells only fish!

Qingce Village and the Stone Gate also have some vendors, although they are probably the least useful places to shop in the game, as there are better alternatives for many items or they can easily be found in the wild. They are marked in yellow on the map above.

  • Mrs Bai (Question 1) : While you can ignore most of their items, be sure to pick up some of the recipes the NPC sells.
  • Pops Kai (Q2): Tea seller
  • Pops Zhou (G1): Tea seller

Genshin Impact has two other suppliers. One of these places is the popular Wangshu Inn, the other is west of the Statue of Seven, near Liyue Port. Since the Wanshu Inn is a landmark, we only noted the location of the vendor west of the statue (in light blue).

  • Goldet glass (Wangshu Hotel): You may speak to the Inn’s chef often, but some of you may not know that she sells ingredients, foods and recipes.
  • Mr. Zhu (O1): This vendor only sells food, but if you’re on a hunt, don’t miss it.

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