Cloudways Vs A2 Hosting – Which Hosting Should You Get?

Are you ready to start an online business, but can’t decide between Cloudways and A2 Hosting for your website? If yes, then you are at the right place to finalize your hosting plan based on your website requirements.

Whether it’s Cloudways hosting or A2 hosting, both have a few features that are unique to them. This blog post compares Cloudways and A2 hosting with the basic settings needed for a website.

By comparing features such as speed, security, price, WordPress optimization, CDN, performance and support, you will find out the best web hosting, Cloudways or A2 hosting!

Before we look at the detailed features, here is a quick comparison of these two hosting services in terms of price, speed, CDN availability, track usage and free email addresses with the domain that will help you find the best server service for a business website or blog.


Cloud Ways Vs A2 Hosting –Quick Comparison

Managed security and backup

Why Cloudways hosting over A2 hosting?

Many companies differentiate themselves by preferring Cloudways over A2 hosting. Some of these are listed below,

Free migration and self-migration – Cloudways offers a free migration to migrate your old website to your cloud server. And it offers auto-migration via a plugin. You need to install a special plugin and do the migration process yourself.

Automatic backups – Easily set up and restore remote server-level backups in Cloudways. Although you have to pay a small fee for off-site backups, it’s worth it for the security of the data.

High security – Comprehensive firewall protection, regular security updates, automatic healing – Cloudway’s unique features for high-end security. It also provides a multi-factor authentication mechanism to protect data.

Superior performance – SSD storage, optimized cache, multiple databases, PHP 7-ready server, Redis support and a server that supports HTTP/2 with 100% uptime. Most importantly, it uses a dedicated server environment that exceeds the power of shared hosting. There is also a free WordPress cache plugin – Breeze.

Easy application management – Cloudways lets you manage your applications like a pro. No complicated commands! You can also schedule your cron jobs, manage caching rules and customize the web application.

Free trial and free SSL – offers a free trial without credit card details. Moreover, Cloudways Hosting offers free SSL installation for high security.

Flexible Pricing – This cloud hosting offers monthly payment plans for only the resources you use. No headaches here for a high upgrade price.

Why do you prefer A2 hosting over Cloudways?

Hotline – Both Cloudways and A2 Hosting offer different types of support to their customers. This can be live support, 24×7 email/ticketing system, while A2 hosting provides 24×7 telephone support to its customers. This feature is limited to Cloudways premium hosting customers.

Unlimited Bandwidth – This green web hosting is best known for shared hosting performance with unlimited bandwidth and higher performance with its turbo plan.

Use of HTTP/3 for faster performance – It provides HTTP/3 for faster response times without handshake dialogue in its protocol. However, he was limited to 50 HTTP requests in his hosting plan.

Unlimited Email Addresses – This cost-effective hosting service provides unlimited email addresses for POP3, IMAP and SMTP compatible clients, as well as spam protection. These features are not available in Cloudways.

Cloud Ways Vs A2 Hosting – Detailed Comparison

After a brief battle between A2 Hosting and Cloudways, we can say that Cloudways is an excellent managed hosting service for WordPress. Now let’s compare the other main features to find the perfect option of your choice.

1. Speed

For online businesses, website speed is important for dedicated website owners and bloggers. Pages need to load super fast to satisfy your visitors and the search engines.

Bandwidth and storage space play an important role in improving the loading time of websites. Many hosting providers offer limited bandwidth and storage space. Here we look at the speed and performance of Cloudways Vs A2 Hosting.


Cloudways uses many features like SSD, PHP 7 and CDN to provide the best speed, not just high bandwidth and cheap storage. The hosting server plays an important role in delivering content and loading pages faster, as well as handling high traffic with over 50 data centers.

Cloudways offers five different server locations for better performance and provides different bandwidth limits for each server to handle more traffic without reducing speed. All services used in Cloudways hosting use PHP 7 and above for good performance.

The cache is one of the most important factors affecting speed and performance. Cloudways uses caches such as Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis to give users a better response when processing stacks.

Check the speed of our blog hosted by Cloudways. We are very happy with the high ranking of Cloudways, which is necessary to rank high in the search engines.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting uses SSDs for website storage and shared hosting between servers in the US, Europe and Asia. It provides a LiteSpeed web server to handle spikes in traffic.

Turbo cache, APC/ OPcache and Memcached are used for caching, so performance was limited. HTTP/3 uses a fast UDP internet connection; unlike HTTP/2’s TCP IP, it will be faster. DNS records duplicate all servers worldwide for better performance.

Check out a niche blog hosted by A2Hosting. The speed is a bit better, but I would like to improve and show good results.

The winner is Clouds.

Thanks to the dedicated environment, all servers used at Cloudways can handle heavy traffic, unlike the low-speed web servers used at A2 hosting. With automatic recovery of managed cloud servers and other speed features, Cloudways wins the speed battle with A2 Hosting.

2. Optimized WordPress Features

Among the various CMS available on the web, WordPress is one of the most powerful for blog applications, forums, websites and web-based community sites. This CMS requires PHP, MySql, Apache Server. When we choose your hosting, we need to check the above points to use WordPress applications on your websites.

What should you look for in a WordPress hosting? – That’s the million-dollar question! You need to find one that offers servers optimized for WordPress, supporting HTTPS, the latest version of PHP and MySQL. It’s also best to choose one that features mock environments, customizable backups, one-click backup recovery, and WordPress-focused technical support. Let’s see who offers interesting features for WordPress users!


Cloudways uses PHP 7 and above for its Apache servers, which are located in five different locations in a dedicated environment. Many WordPress applications like third party API integrations like payment processors, SMTP addon for sending emails, Restful API for WordPress app development, free site to site migration addon and free SSL certificate renewal for many years are special features of Cloudways hosting with WordPress.

Cloudways uses URL staging to install an application with WordPress in one click. Because the Apache server is in different locations, WordPress sites do not crash. It also uses CDNs to deliver content. The videos and images used on WordPress sites are therefore distributed to data centers around the world. Readers can easily access this data in their region. The data flow reduces here, this is a big problem with WordPress blogs that use video content.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers free email addresses and domain access on its hosting. Access to the WordPress site data is via the easy to use control panel (cPanel) and FTP. The Turbo plan uses many automated backups for WordPress.

This unfortunate web host uses Woocommerce one-click settings for web apps and also provides one-click payment processing gateways for Woocommerce apps in WordPress. An optional WordPress CLI is available for application development. The complementary domain is not installed on the shared hosting.

The winner is Clouds.


With Cloudways Staging URL for one-click installation, CloudwaysBot for automatic recovery during traffic spikes, CDN for global content distribution, Memcache for reduced data access time – these features easily surpass A2 hosting. I also admire the capabilities of the WordPress Breeze plugin, an optimized stack that includes an NGINX server and CloudwaysCDN to improve server response times.

3. CDN

CDNs are used to deliver your website’s content to visitors based on their geographical location. It is a fast and efficient way to deliver content to a distributed network of servers around the world.

Content can be supplied in any form, for example. B. text, infographics, podcasts or videos; the key is to deliver them quickly. Videos and infographics can be buffered or frozen during sudden traffic spikes. To avoid this problem, many hosting companies offer CDNs through data centers.

Let’s see which hosting offers the best CDN feature!


Cloudways offers easy integration with CloudwaysCDN to reach a wider audience around the world and deliver your website content quickly for a better user experience. You don’t have to do anything technical to activate this CDN service for your website. Implementing CloudwaysCDN is a simple process and we did it for our blogs.

All servers use a dedicated environment to provide bandwidth, and storage is located in more than 50 data centers around the world, with content geo-distributed to nearby locations that provide better throughput. However, you need to understand that the CDN is a premium feature, and yes, you need to pay $1 for 25 GB.

A2 Hosting

It uses the Cloudflare CDN to distribute content globally and provide end users with seamless access to data. In addition, servers are hosted in the United States, Europe and Asia to provide faster content to the end user. Cloudflare’s CDN is compatible with all plans.

The winner is both.


Both Cloudways and A2 hosting use CDNs to make it easier for website users to access content. Cloudways uses 5 different server locations and A2 Hosting has 3 different locations for accessing CDN data.

4. Safety

For maximum data security, you need to be very careful when choosing the right hosting for your business website, because the information on your website is valuable and needs to be properly protected. If you lost it, you’ll probably be disappointed!

Security is special in that hackers and cybercriminals are ready to steal your data and launch malicious attacks that can take down your website. Therefore, site security is a major concern. Choose a host with firewalls, DDoS protection, network monitoring, malware scanning and automatic backups.

So let’s see which one offers the best security features, Cloudways or A2 Hosting?


A dedicated firewall prevents malicious attacks from increasing traffic. One-click SSL installation prevents unauthorized HTTP requests through the browser’s IP whitelist, which is used on community sites and WordPress membership sites to grant unrestricted access to certain clients.

Cloud servers are protected from denial of service and malicious connection attempts by regular patching and CloudwaysBot. Multi-factor authentication makes your server impervious to attackers. It also offers automatic backups stored on different servers.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting uses two-factor authentication to access data on the network. Dual firewall protection, virus scanning and DDoS protection are available here to prevent unnecessary login attempts and malicious attacks in case of heavy website traffic.

SSL certificate protection is available on a premium basis. Regular maintenance and updates to the kernel to eliminate the fair to be server have been discontinued. However, the flexible backup option is not available with A2 shared hosting.

The winner is Clouds.


During the war, Cloudways Vs A2 Hosting security, Cloudways is still ahead of A2 Hosting in the above security methods. Security and backup are what set Cloudways Hosting apart.

5. Price

People have always expected all the features and benefits at a low price, but now it is impossible to offer such things. To get maximum results, you need to spend money on quality products or services.

So, which hosting is available, let’s take a look at the war – Cloudways Vs A2 hosting prices.


Cloudways offers flexible and transparent managed hosting plans. This means you only pay for the resources you use. You can choose from five different servers and four different pricing plans, but there is no money-back guarantee.

Cloudways hosting charges users a minimum of $10 per month up to $36 for hosting services on five different hosting servers. You can choose the billing cycle, monthly or hourly. A free 3-day trial is also available to test the features!

A2 Hosting

This green hosting server offers four different hosting plans for Startup, Drive, Turbo boost and Turbo max customers. The resources available in each plan are limited to certain functions of A2 hosting. It offers cheap accommodation plans for tight budgets. However, this is only advantageous if you choose a 3-year service.

Let’s take the Turbo Boost plan, which costs $5.99 a month. If you leave at the age of 3, you will have to pay a significant amount in bulk. In addition, you must be willing to pay the cost of renewal.

The winner is Clouds.


Although the Cloudways plans are slightly more expensive, I’d say it’s worth paying for the premium features with the highest uptime and excellent security. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about annual renewal fees because you pay Cloudways on a monthly basis.

6. Operating time

Website accessibility at any time is the dream of every website owner. If your website is closed and inaccessible to visitors and business customers, you risk reputation problems and lost revenue. To avoid this bitterness, you should choose a hosting service that offers a 100% uptime guarantee to stay relaxed.

Since we use both hosting services, Cloudways and A2 Hosting, here is a comparison of uptime for your review!


Cloudways hosting guarantees high performance and near 100% uptime with automatic recovery of managed cloud servers capable of preventing website downtime. Because it includes advanced security features, your servers are safe and secure.

In addition, data centers with CDNs can guarantee uninterrupted availability of websites around the world at all times. In addition, the caching mechanism used in Cloudways hosting ensures that data is available 24 hours a day, without downtime.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting also offers three different locations for its data centers. Many plans affect performance with high traffic on shared hosting. In Turbo plans, A2 hosting uses Cloudflare CDN to prevent website crashes and malicious attacks, but the security is not at a good level, so you cannot get 100% uptime.

The winner is Clouds.


As you can see from the screenshots, we had no problems with downtime in Cloudways. This is the best managed WordPress hosting for small businesses that wins 100%.

7. Customer service

I highly recommend choosing a hosting provider that can help you solve your problems at any time. You need to evaluate their qualifications, response time and resolution time. The method of contact is important, and yes, it should be by phone or live chat 24 X 7.

You can also search for user comments on tech support and ask a few questions to see how responsive the support is. It would be best to check their social media presence and knowledge base articles to rectify the situation.

So who offers special customer support, Cloudways Vs A2 Hosting, let’s see!


This managed cloud hosting has dedicated live chat support that is available 24/7/365 to resolve your issues. You can even contact them on weekends in case of technical problems. They help you with caution!

It also offers the possibility of booking tickets online to solve technical problems. To improve online support, it uses SLA live chats to resolve this issue. Customer phone and application level support, as well as security support for Slack, can be provided by technical support staff available 24 hours a day.

A2 Hosting

It offers three forms of support: email, phone and live chat. There is a separate option to get 24/7 support from the Guru team for a free website upgrade to A2 hosting.

The winner is both.

8. Ease of use

Is the user interface of the hosting intuitive? Be it Cpanel access, FTP account or database access, everything should be provided in your hosting account control panel for easy access. The parameters should be simple and easily identifiable. So who offers the best dashboard to manage everything in one place?


The Cloudways hosting account uses a control panel instead of Cpanel to manage applications. The navigation menu on the dashboard can lead us to the mentioned functions.

To manage the database, we have a link to the login information in the dashboard itself. Backup and recovery options are also available on the dashboard. The DNS check can easily be done through the dashboard options.

Take a look at the user interface of Cloudways! You can manage everything under one roof.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting uses the traditional Cpanel to install and configure hosting applications. For database management there is a separate phpMyAdmin. If you install the application with one click, it is easier to recognize them by the icons. However, the user interface is dull and needs to be refreshed to work with enthusiasm.

The winner is Clouds.

The winner is Cloudways Hosting, because I mentioned earlier that it would be boring to use a traditional cPanel that needed a new look.

Comparison with other clouds

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Battle conclusion – Cloud Ways vs. A2 Hosting

Choosing between two reliable hosting providers is not easy, and yes, both Cloudways and A2 Hosting try to provide satisfactory service to their customers. Nevertheless, you are able to choose the ideal server service for your business website. That’s my conclusion!

When comparing Cloudways to A2 Hosting, Cloudways wins most tests, and I’ve given a good reason for that win. If you want to buy a powerful and secure hosting solution that makes your website load super fast, choose Cloudways without hesitation.

A2 hosting is suitable if you are new to the business or just starting out in the blogging world, as your budget may be tight to begin with. When you first started growing, you wanted a dedicated managed hosting service like Cloudways.

I highly recommend Cloudways because it is better than the competition at taking your business to new heights and setting you apart. I hope you decide to continue with Cloudways and get the biggest Cloudways discount of $30 for you.

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