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Best Places To Grind & Level Up in Final Fantasy IX –

Final Fantasy IX is still relatively simple compared to some of the other games in the series, but it is still a complex game with many challenging moments. To achieve this, you may need to spend some time sanding. But where? Now, this list is made with some of the harder battles I’ve mentioned in […]

How To Download & Play State of Survival On PC (2021)

Playing Survival State on the PC offers a number of benefits, including better performance, the ability to play on a larger screen, and the ability to play with multiple accounts simultaneously. In this guide you will find all the information you need to play Legends on your computer. Here is a brief overview of how […]

Zephyr Deluxe Shouldn’t Have English Written On Her

Doctor: Zephyr Deluxe, as presented at the recent Devstream, breaks the Warframe setting with English text. I’m asking for a small and simple change to Zephyr Deluxe: Change the text of their textures to better fit the legend. ​ Warframe has spent years creating a living, breathing world, including developing unique languages for each race […]

[D2] Daily Reset Thread [2021-03-15]

Content of the article Vanguard Daily Adjusters Hollow Loop: Void damage increases slightly regardless of the source. Fighter: Melee skills do more damage and recharge much faster. Eclipse: Enemy melee attacks are much stronger, and radar is disabled. Daily battlefield adjustments Hollow Loop: Void damage increases slightly regardless of the source. Grenadier: Grenades do more […]

World Splitter Early Impressions | LadiesGamers

The code was largely provided by NeoBird. Two-dimensional wheel updating I’m always amazed at how developers manage to take the concept of a 2D platform game and come up with new ideas to give the genre something entertaining and fresh. Who needs 3D? This brings us to another first impression article, in which we were […]