Can You Get Beachbody On Roku In 2022 – Comprehensive Guide

Can You Get Beachbody On Roku In 2022 – Comprehensive Guide

Can You Get Beachbody On Roku In 2022 – Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking for a way to get your Beachbody workouts streamed directly to your TV, look no further than Roku. This article will tell you about “Can You Get Beachbody On Roku?”

Beachbody on Roku allows you to access all of your favorite Beachbody workouts without ever having to leave the comfort of your living room. 

Plus, with the growing popularity of Roku devices, you’re sure to have an enjoyable and interactive fitness experience. So ditch the DVD player and start streaming today! If you’re looking for a convenient way to get your Beachbody workouts on Roku, then you may be wondering if there is a way to stream them on Roku. 

I love getting my workouts in early in the morning while the rest of the world is sleeping. So, when I heard about the Roku channel called Beachbody On Roku, I couldn’t wait to check it out. 

  • Click Streaming Channels to go to your home screen Click Search Channels.
  • Use the virtual keyboard to find the Beachbody On Demand app.
  • Go to the results page and click the Beachbody On Demand icon.
  • To install the app, click on the add channel button and then press the OK button.
  • Go to Channel and launches the app. The preferred workout will be shown on your TV screen.

Beachbody On Roku is an official channel for Beachbody fitness products and services, including P90X and Insanity. This channel offers workout videos and nutrition content that you can enjoy on your Roku TV.

If you want to watch Beachbody On Demand on your TV, you can use any of the following: Roku players, Roku TV models, Amazon Fire TV, or Google Chromecast.

The Beachbody On Demand on Roku experience is easy to access on all three platforms. The Member Library gives you access to hundreds of Beachbody workout and nutrition programs, including 21 Day Fix Real-Time, 645, 9 Week Control Freak, Transform 20, LIIFT4, and many more.

You will be able to browse videos by type or by Super Trainer, and anything you have previously purchased will be available to view.

Beachbody Is Available On Roku

One of the most popular streaming devices in the world is Roku. A lot of people don’t know the features of the device, but if they do they will be surprised. One of the best streaming devices that will help you stream content in a very easy way is Roku.

Roku Is One Of The Best Streaming Devices In The Market

There are a lot of people using the platform to stream content. There are a lot of channels that you can watch on the device. Most of the time, you can find some of the most popular channels on the market.

Price & Planning Of Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand offers 4 subscription tiers.

  • $19.95/month- Monthly Plan
  • $39- Quarter Annual Plan
  • $59- Semi-Annual Plan
  • $99- Annual Plan

How To Install Beachbody On Demand On Roku?

  • Click on Streaming Channels to go to your home screen.
  • Click on the Search Channels screen. 
  • Use the virtual keyboard to find the Beachbody On Demand app. 
  • Go to the results and select the Beachbody On Demand app.
  • Click on the add channel to install the app. 
  • Click on the OK button after installation. 
  • Go to Channel and launch the app. 
  • The preferred workout will be shown on your TV screen.

How To Activate Beachbody On Demand On Roku?

Can You Get Beachbody On Roku

The Beachbody On Demand app is available on the App Store. The activation page can be found on the channel interface if you click on Sign In. The Beachbody On Demand activation code will be displayed on your TV screen.

If you want to sign up for Beachbody On Demand, you have to provide your sign-in details and enter the activation code in the specific field. If you click on the button, you will be taken to a web page. You will be able to use the Beachbody On Demand app on your Roku device.

Amazon Fire TV

You can start by looking for Beachbody On Demand in the store. Go ahead and install the app after you have selected it. If you want to launch the Beachbody app, you need to go to your app library. Next, you will see a screen showing a URL and an activation code.

Log in to your Beachbody On Demand account by entering the URL into the internet browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. You will be prompted to enter an activation code. Go back to your Amazon Fire TV device once you have activated it.

The Beachbody On Demand app will be launched automatically. If you want to do a workout, use the “OK” button to choose a program. You can choose which workout you want to watch.

Beachbody On Demand can be streamed on the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Google Chromecast

  • Install the Chrome browser on your laptop.
  • Open Chrome and install the Google Cast extension.
  • Connect your laptop to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast.
  • Log in to Beachbody On Demand on your laptop and select a workout.
  • Once you’re ready to begin your workout, click the “cast” icon that appears in the upper right corner of your browser and watch the workout go from your laptop to the big screen.

Apple TV

You can stream Beachbody On Demand content to a TV from your Mac computer or Apple mobile device by following the steps below. The Beachbody on Demand App is available for both the iPad and iPhone.

Can You Get Beachbody On Roku

Ensure that all Beachbody On Demand Streaming Requirements are met. Make sure that the Apple TV and the iOS device are connected to the same wireless network.

If you want to use AirPlay on the Apple TV device, enter the settings you want to use. Airplay should be enabled on the device with the higher operating system required. Take a look at a Beachbody workout video. You can use the AirPlay icon on the bottom left corner of the player to set up your Apple TV device.

Why am I unable to locate Beachbody On Demand Roku?

If it doesn’t appear on your device in that channel store, it usually means the channel doesn’t support your Roku device. You can check the channel store on your device to confirm this. If you don’t see it, you may need to upgrade your Roku device or purchase a new one that supports the channel.

What is the cost of Beachbody streaming?

The session is accessible via Beachbody On Demand, the company’s digital streaming fitness platform. To get started right now, you must purchase the Total Solution Pack for $159.95. The package includes all the gear and resources you’ll need to achieve success: 21-Day Fix, Shakeology, and the portion-control containers. There is also a 30-day supply of Shakeology, plus two bonus workouts—T25 Core Cardio and 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Is Beachbody On Demand the same as BODi?

Beachbody On Demand Interactive, or BODi (pronounced “BODY”) for short, is Beachbody On Demand’s interactive fitness and nutrition content membership tier. BODi will offer live and on-demand studio courses every day, as well as nutritional content and other features. It’s the ultimate resource to help you stay fit, motivated, and committed to your health and wellness goals. With a range of exercise classes and nutrition plans to choose from, BODi is made for anyone who wants to hit the gym or work out at home—no matter their fitness level or body type. Plus, all content is personalized based on your goals, so you can get the support and guidance you need to reach them. With Beachbody On Demand Interactive, Beachbody is taking fitness and nutrition to the next level. Get ready to become stronger, healthier, and happier with BODi!


The first step in making sure that you can get Beachbody On Roku is to get on the right channel. By default, you can only access Beachbody On Roku through the Roku Channel Store. 

If you want to find it, you’ll need to search for the term “Beachbody On Roku”. Once you find it, click on the “Install” button to install the app. You can now browse the Roku channel store and select which channel you’d like to add Beachbody On Roku to.

If you have questions about whether can you get Beachbody on Roku or want to share your own experience with one of these setups, please share them in the comments section. We hope that this article on “Can You Get Beachbody On Roku” helped you gain all the information you needed to know for.

Thanks for reading.

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